As facilities managers’ workloads increase, more information is required to make better, faster, and smarter decisions when managing their maintenance. Quickly locating assets across your facilities is crucial when deploying the right people at the right time to the correct locations.

Now, there’s an easy way to do just that in FMX!

The FMX team designed Interactive Mapping to increase technician deployment speed by allowing facilities managers to plot and move assets on their floor plans with ease.

There are many ways that you can get the most out of this new add-on. Here’s a few!

Map assets throughout your facility

Locating assets in various buildings and on different floors is essential to ensure your team works efficiently and communicates effectively. Utilizing icons and capabilities such as color-coding on your equipment allows your team to pinpoint each asset’s location.

Another way to identify asset location is filtering by equipment type and non-operable equipment. The filtering capability allows you to quickly identify a piece of equipment that needs immediate attention because it is down or locate equipment by type.

Pro tip: With Interactive Asset Mapping, your team can efficiently work with vendors or outside partners by directing them to specific equipment locations.

Map assets throughout your office

Whether employees need to book a room or see their assigned station’s location, utilizing interactive asset mapping is the solution! Make finding desks, offices, and conference rooms easier for employees by showing the desk or room’s precise location on a map. 

This new add-on allows employees to identify available rooms, locate assigned stations, departments, or individuals, and schedule rooms for upcoming events. 

Map assets in any room

How easy would it be to map assets if all you had to do was snap a photo of your facility and label specific assets as you see them? With the interactive asset mapping add-on, you can do just that! 

If you manage a facility with an abundance of equipment or multiple assets of the same type, use interactive asset mapping for identification. You can label and identify production lines, boilers, mechanical rooms, and commercial kitchen configurations, so technicians can efficiently track and locate assets—no matter their location or type!

Map your entire facility

Map your entire property, not just the interior! Interactive asset mapping provides all you need to map rooftop units, exterior assets, or underground utilities with ease.

Take advantage of asset mapping capabilities by using it to assign access points, parking spaces, and critical areas around your property so you can direct your teams to the right locations at the right time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you need to map small assets in a room, schedule rooms ahead of time, or map an entire property, interactive asset mapping provides the support you need to tackle your organization’s needs.

Learn more about Interactive Mapping today!

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