FMXcmms is the easiest to use maintenance management software on the market. It allows your team to extend equipment and asset lifespans, increase productivity, and cut costs. Empower your team with the information and support they need to better manage their work, drive preventive maintenance initiatives, and make data-driven decisions with FMXcmms.

Benefits of FMXcmms

  • Extend equipment lifespans and reduce downtime
  • Streamline processes and increase productivity
  • Verify compliance and meet necessary safety standards
  • Track and manage your team’s labor hours to increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs and turn data into meaningful results

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mobile CMMS work order form

reduction in work order resolution time


reduction in equipment downtime


return on investment

Functionality designed to optimize your operations

FMXcmms maintenance calendar view

FMXcmms’s calendar view allows your team to see a snapshot of their daily and weekly tasks.

FMXcmms work order creation

Creating a work order is extremely easy, and the form can be configured to meet the needs of your organization.

When closing a work order, your team can submit hours worked, inventory used, and money spent for easy tracking.

FMXcmms PM scheduling

You can schedule preventive maintenance tasks to occur at various frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) or intervals (miles driven, rotations per minute, output produced, etc.).

FMXcmms maintenance instruction sets

Step-by-step instruction sets ensure your team is accurately executing preventive maintenance tasks on your equipment.

FMXcmms equipment QR codes

Each equipment item in FMXcmms is given a unique QR code for easy access to maintenance histories while in the field.

FMXcmms parts inventory control

Keep track of on-hand inventory and receive alerts when it’s time to order more.

FMXcmms maintenance reporting

Track, manage, and improve the metrics that matter most to your organization.

FMXcmms mobile work orders

Access, respond to, and close out work orders from a smartphone or tablet on the go.

Your organization will be set up for success


FMXcmms’s top-notch Customer Success Team will configure your site and provide lifetime support for your organization.


The system is cloud-based, which means it is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

easy to use

FMXcmms is the easiest-to-use CMMS on the market, so your team can get started realizing benefits immediately.

All CMMS systems are going to have similar functionality—take requests, monitor equipment, schedule preventive maintenance, etc.—but FMXcmms is by far the easiest to use, and their amazing customer support sets them above the rest.

FMX gives me capabilities I never had before. Now I can look at the equipment in each of our restaurants and verify the frequency and cost of every repair. Because the recordkeeping is so comprehensive, I can determine when a particular piece of equipment is no longer cost-effective and should be replaced.

Keeping track of preventative maintenance and repairs for 326 pieces of production machines and facilities equipment across 5 buildings was overwhelming before FMXcmms. It is so much easier having a software solution that provides reminders, calendars, work request tickets, inventory, and reporting all in one solution.

Colin Roegiers, Facilities Admin
The Bernard Group

Our fleet of 400 pieces of equipment is now fully manageable to determine total cost of ownership, track parts, mechanic hours and productivity and provide senior management with solid and accurate reporting to understand the health of our fleet.

Bruce Stockton, Director of Maintenance
Paul Transportation, Inc.

So far, we have increased efficiency in completing and documenting the assigned preventative maintenance tasks available. Our machine up-time has already seen an increase, and the information being collected will be vital to provide statistics for upgrading older equipment.

JoeMax Tomlin, General Manager
Texas Healthcare Linen

Manage maintenance the easy way with FMXcmms

Frequently asked questions

Is FMXcmms a cloud-based or on-premise solution?

FMXcmms is cloud-based.

On-premise vs. cloud-based CMMS

Do you have a process to address audit recommendations and to ensure compliance with security policies and standards?

Yes, we work with customers to meet their security requirements to the extent that they align with the sensitivity of data that we store.

Does FMX integrate with other software?

Yes, we integrate with several software systems that will be ready for use out of the box. If we do not already have an integration in place, we offer services to set up an integration for your needs.

Additionally, FMXconnect unlocks the ability to connect with your organization's building automation system.

How frequently is FMXcmms software updated?

Our development process is iterative and lean, which means we can get changes out very quickly with minimal bugs. In fact, over the past year, we’ve released over 70 updates, averaging one every five days. Because we have a web app instead of a native app, these updates happen automatically and don’t require a manual update from users.

What kind of support does my organization receive with FMXcmms?

We are proud to provide lifetime support to each of our customers. Each customer is given a dedicated account manager that meets with them on a regular basis to ensure maintenance management success. Our average response time for support tickets is 30 minutes, and we are happy to report a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

How much training will my team receive?

FMX offers webinar training for all FMX users demonstrating how to submit and close out requests and configure your personal settings. We also offer onsite training and configuration services.

What does the implementation process look like?

The FMX team is highly involved in the implementation process. We work with customers to import data, set up workflows, configure permission settings and processes to your needs, and more. The implementation process can take as little as 2 weeks.

How is FMXcmms priced?

FMXcmms is priced differently for each organization based on the number of resolving users and desired features.

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