FMX gives you insight into how every one of your assets is performing, which ones incur the most cost, and more. These insights allow you to make data-driven decisions regarding every equipment item and asset to decrease downtime, and ultimately, costs.

Manage assets and equipment with FMX

  • Keep track of time and money spent on equipment maintenance.
  • Determine when equipment and assets are reaching the end of their service life by reviewing the history.
  • Track and report on equipment downtime.
  • Analyze which equipment types and models are underperforming.
  • Easily pull up equipment logs while on the job.
  • Store important documents and other information.
We use FMX's reports to streamline our processes and predict what equipment may be failing sooner than later.
Michael Banks, Senior MEP Engineer
Associated Students of SDSU
FMX gives me capabilities I never had before. Now I can look at the equipment in each of our restaurants and verify the frequency and cost of every repair. Because the record keeping is so comprehensive, I can determine when a particular piece of equipment is no longer cost-effective and should be replaced.
Kevin Krumlauf, COO
Primary Aim

FMX asset & equipment management capabilities

work order reports

View pieces of equipment that require the most maintenance

See which equipment items experience the most downtime to help you determine when to replace your equipment, and to see when equipment is underperforming.

Store important information

Store information about equipment such as model number, manufacturer, installed date, projected service life, pictures, manuals, safety procedures, and more.

maintenance clipboard

Scan printable QR bar codes

Scan unique FMX-generated QR codes with any mobile device to pull up all of the information about the piece of equipment, see associated inventory, and create work orders.

More capabilities with FMX

  • Import all of your data seamlessly into FMX.
  • Compile reports and view interactive dashboards to prepare for audits and plan for budgeting.
  • Search for equipment by name, model number, manufacturer, or any other captured field.
  • Easily track and run downtime reports on facilities or production equipment.
  • Track equipment history by associating work orders and preventive maintenance with equipment items.
  • Integrate predictive maintenance, alarms, and sensors with FMX.

Reduce equipment downtime and make data-driven decisions regarding your assets.

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