When it comes to choosing a CMMS, you want to make sure that you can access all your work orders, schedule requests, and questions from occupants on-the-go. Without this capability, work order requests can get delayed and occupants may become disgruntled. While searching for CMMSs with mobile capabilities, you may notice that some have web apps and others have native apps. So, what exactly does that mean and what’s the difference between the two?

Continue reading to learn how each app is unique and discover which is the best option for your organization. You might be surprised by all of the capabilities of a web app!

Downloading the app

With a web app, you can instantly download and use it from the vendor’s website, and save the link to your home screen as an icon for future use. With a native app, you must download and install the app from your app store after accepting the terms and conditions.


A web app is compatible with all devices and browsers, so anyone with any device can access it. A native app requires a separate app for iOS and Android, so you need to make sure the app is compatible with all mobile devices.

Always-on access

You can only access a web app when you are on the Internet. Alternatively, you can access a native app offline at any time.

User experience

Web apps provide a seamless experience between desktop and mobile. It will look, feel, and act the same on all devices. With a native app, you may experience differences in functionality between the mobile app and the desktop because they have a different interface.

Data usage and storage

A web app reduces data usage by over 80% on average, so you will always have room for it on your home screen. On the other hand, native apps use more data storage on your mobile device than a web app.

Updating your app

A web app always remains up-to-date without the need for users to manually update it. Conversely, a native app requires a manual download to improve features.

Choosing the right CMMS can be tricky, and accessing the system on-the-go is usually a must have for most organizations. While web apps can be unfamiliar to many people, at the end of the day they are capable of nearly everything a native app is and even have a few added benefits of their own. If you don’t need to access your CMMS software offline, then a web app may be the right choice for you. Just think of all that extra storage space on your mobile device and an always up-to-date app!

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