Key takeaways you will find in this article

  • Interactive Mapping enables municipalities to track assets closely, ensuring timely maintenance and reducing operational costs
  • With detailed asset documentation and streamlined processes, municipalities foster greater transparency and accountability
  • Interactive Mapping empowers municipalities to use resources effectively, improving service delivery and operational efficiency
  • By providing a comprehensive visual overview, Interactive Mapping enables informed decision-making and long-term planning for municipal maintenance

City, county, and township maintenance requires fully visualizing buildings, grounds, and other municipality property. 

To adequately manage the broad swath of facilities, managers rely on asset management software. 

FMX created a feature to help municipal employees plot and track their assets. Called Interactive Mapping, the tool allows those in the public sector to create a visual paradigm. The feature allows cities, counties, and townships to locate assets and equipment on a map quickly. This expedites response times and boosts efficiency.

Let’s explore, in detail, how leading municipal maintenance departments leverage the software to streamline their operations. 

What is Interactive Mapping?

FMX’s Interactive Mapping feature is a lot like what it sounds like—an interactive map. Users leverage it to physically document equipment, inventory, resources, buildings, users, or other points of interest. 

The tool gives users satellite, roadmap, and other map views of floor plans and shelving images to create a holistic view of a municipality. Users can drag and drop pins to plot trackable assets and search and locate specific assets. They can filter, tag, and group maps to create curated views and move asset pins from location to location to track mobile equipment. 

asset mapping software

How do municipalities benefit from Interactive Mapping? 

Government maintenance departments often face voluminous work order requests and the need to plot specific asset locations. However, many still operate with solutions like pen and paper or rudimentary work order management systems. 

With Interactive Mapping, cities, counties, and townships can utilize more sophisticated solutions that enable a more streamlined workforce. Here are a few of the benefits. 

Better equipment oversight and prompt maintenance

Work equipment is a costly and critical investment for municipalities. Vehicles, heavy machinery, utility infrastructure, and much more add up to millions of dollars. Municipalities must maintain their costly investments. 

Delayed maintenance projects often create a chain reaction of more issues—deferred maintenance compounds at 7% yearly. And the eventual repairs themselves will be more expensive.

An asset or infrastructure that is not maintained correctly is less efficient, leading to increased energy costs and lowered output from equipment and people within the organization.

Interactive Mapping allows public employees to track their assets more closely and efficiently, creating quicker maintenance response times. Since technicians can locate items that need service faster, they can reduce costly transit times and labor hours. 

satellite map with pins plotted for fire safety and traffic lights

Increased visibility and accountability

Organizations lose up to $1.3 million a year due to maintenance inefficiency, according to a report by Formstack and Mantis Research. This inefficiency stems from wasted time locating assets and equipment across buildings, often leading to deferred maintenance.

Interactive Mapping provides municipalities with enhanced visibility into their assets and infrastructure. This fosters greater visibility and accountability among maintenance staff. 

By digitizing asset documentation and streamlining maintenance processes, Interactive Mapping ensures managers allocate resources effectively, and employees complete maintenance tasks. 

The feature allows municipalities to quickly locate assets, preventing equipment failures and mitigating costly delays. Municipalities leveraging the software have significantly increased accountability and reduced work order response times.

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Layered map views of all properties 

Visibility is a common challenge for municipalities. Due to the expanse that municipals maintain, they must employ an effective mapping solution. This allows them to create a bird’s eye view of all the buildings and grounds employees must manage. 

With Interactive Mapping, municipalities access layered map views of all properties within their jurisdiction. This comprehensive visual representation allows maintenance teams to identify asset locations, track maintenance activities, and plan future tasks with precision. 

By providing a detailed overview of municipal assets and infrastructure, Interactive Mapping enables municipalities to isolate technician-specific layers. Electricians can leverage an electrical-only map, while HVAC technicians can locate their unique service areas. These views allow personnel to focus solely on their assignments. 

Why Interactive Mapping?

Maintaining city, county, and township facilities demands a comprehensive visualization of buildings, grounds, and other municipal properties. To meet this challenge, FMX developed Interactive Mapping. The solution empowers the public sector to create a visual paradigm for better equipment oversight, equipment failure prevention, and improved documentation. 

With FMX’s Interactive Mapping, municipalities can easily navigate the complexities of maintenance management, ensuring efficient service delivery and the effective stewardship of public resources.

Whether managing buildings, grounds, or utility infrastructure, municipalities can leverage Interactive Mapping to streamline operations and improve service delivery.

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