Many of you have been impacted by government regulations related to COVID-19 that limit social gatherings. In my last blog, I offered advice on how to update your FMX site to cancel events and prevent users from submitting new events, but we quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be an easy process for some of you. As a result, we decided to push up the deadline for one of the features on our product roadmap: bulk canceling of schedule requests and schedule request occurrences. This new feature is available to you today and should help you cancel your events at a much faster rate.

Enabling this feature

If your organization has made use of our other bulk actions such as bulk resolving work requests or bulk approving work requests, then bulk canceling for schedule requests should already be enabled on your site. You simply need to turn it on in your user type settings. If bulk actions are not enabled for your site, please contact to have us enable it for you.

Turning on Bulk Canceling via user type settings

Navigate to your user’s user type settings. User type settings can be found in the drop down menu in Admin Settings. Next navigate to the schedule request access portion of your user type settings and expand the menu. Scroll down to the “bulk cancel permission” and select either Own, Accessible Buildings, or Any to turn on the feature.

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