FMXconnect is a facility scheduling and utility system management solution that helps organizations reduce utility costs while ensuring the comfort, safety, and security of building occupants. FMXconnect works with FMXfacilitymanager and FMXcmms to bring new levels of control, flexibility, and sustainability to your organization.

On average, customers save $66,000 annually with FMXconnect.

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Benefits of FMXconnect

  • Decrease utility costs and improve energy efficiency
  • Improve communication across the organization
  • Gain valuable insight about equipment life
  • Increase technician productivity and accountability
  • Prevent mechanical issues before they become major problems
  • Save operational costs through improved efficiency
  • Reduce downtime and ensure continuous operations

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FMXcmms HVAC Equipment

Functionality to help you automate processes

FMXconnect Meter Tracking

Create preventive maintenance tasks based on sensor readings, run-time hours, or a combination of the two.

FMXconnect Work Order Automation

Create work requests for any alarms that are triggered in the organization’s Building Automation System as well as requests for any sensors that have readings that are “out of spec”.

FMXconnect Energy Efficiency

Turn equipment, lighting, door locks, and more on and off based on the events and activities you have scheduled.

Improve project and budget planning by viewing the total number of alerts you had for each piece of equipment and how long it takes to resolve these issues

Your organization will be set up for success


FMXconnect comes with lifetime customer support. FMX’s team of experts will ensure your equipment is properly connected to your maintenance system for automation success.


FMXconnect is cloud-based, so you can receive alerts regarding out-of-spec readings and create work orders for alarms directly from your mobile device.

easy to use

Your team can start using FMXconnect immediately after implementation thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

Automate processes and gain insights about your equipment with FMXconnect

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to purchase FMXcmms or FMXfacilitymanager in order to use FMXconnect?

Yes. FMXconnect allows you to integrate your building automation system with one of our other two products. In order to purchase it, you must have FMXcmms or FMXfacilitymanager in place.

Is FMXconnect a cloud-based or on-premise solution?

FMXconnect is cloud-based.

What building automation systems does FMXconnect integration with?

FMXconnect integrates with Tridium Niagara, Trane, Siemens, Johnson Controls, Automated Logic, Delta, and more. If you have a BAS, FMX can often integrate with it without additional hardware.

What kind of support does my organization receive with FMXconnect?

We are proud to provide lifetime support to each of our customers. Each customer is given a dedicated Account Manager that meets with them on a regular basis to ensure maintenance management success. Our response time for support tickets is 30 minutes and we are happy to report a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

What is required of my team to get FMXconnect up and running?

You and appropriate members of your team will need to meet with the FMX team 3-4 times to get your site up and running, and configured to your business needs. In addition, you will need to do some light data collection for building, equipment, work order, preventive maintenance, schedule request, and inventory data. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you each step of the way and make the process as seamless as possible.

How is FMXconnect priced?

FMXconnect is priced differently for each organization based on how large your organization is.

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What types of teams use FMXconnect?

School districts utilize FMXconnect to coordinate their event schedules with their HVAC, lighting, and door locks. Manufacturing organizations use FMXconnect to gain insights about their equipment in-real-time so they can react appropriately. We see other teams looking to accomplish similar goals gain benefits from the software as well.

How does the integration work?

FMXconnect is an internet-of-things (IoT) solution that regularly communicates with sensors, building automation systems (BAS), controllers, and equipment interfaces using proprietary network protocols. That data can then be leveraged by FMX facilities and maintenance solutions to enable greater automation, communication, and control.