Key takeaways you will find in this article

  • Through effective reporting and analytics, organizations can measure the impact facilities professionals make, ensuring their essential role is recognized and valued
  • FMX provides a suite of tools and reports that enable facility managers to harness data-driven insights for optimizing operations
  • Through FMX's robust reporting capabilities, facility managers can effectively measure and showcase the impact of their teams' work

Facilities professionals’ work often goes unnoticed or underappreciated. They’re thought of as the people you call when something goes wrong. However, their work profoundly impacts their workplaces. FM professionals’ contributions should be quantified so stakeholders, from school board members to public officials, understand their importance to their organization. 

That’s why FMX built its solution with these unsung heroes in mind. With effective reports generated by our solution, facilities leaders can directly measure their team’s impact. We’ll highlight some of the most helpful and unpack their importance. 

Why measure facilities professionals’ impact? 

Effective facility management is crucial to maintain productivity, efficiency, and safety in today’s fast-paced and dynamic education space. However, it can be complex with many moving parts and intricate workflows. This is where FMX helps with its comprehensive suite of tools and reports, empowering facility managers to streamline operations and drive success. 

FMX reports to help measure your impact 

FMX offers powerful reports to provide valuable insights into different aspects of facility management. Let’s delve into some key reports and explore how they can revolutionize your approach:

Comprehensive Operations Report

Obtain a comprehensive overview of your facility’s operations, encompassing maintenance activities, resource utilization, budgetary performance, and more. This report serves as a strategic tool for decision-making, enabling you to align operational initiatives with organizational goals.

Trend of requests completed per month. Trend of requests created per month.

This report shows request trends to ensure efficient operations and predict and allocate staff resources. With the Comprehensive Operations Report, users see an overview of requests and can filter for a detailed breakdown of requests by module, request type, building, and more.

Team Performance Report

Evaluate the performance of your facility management team based on key performance indicators (KPIs) like response times. Use this report to recognize top performers, address skill gaps, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Weekly resolution by user (past 12 weeks). Labor hours by building. Labor hours by user.

This report allows organizations to see labor hours, response time, resolutions by tech, etc. Leading professionals utilize it during annual performance reviews and to justify staff pay increases or bonuses.

Proactive vs. Reactive Report

Analyzing the ratio of planned maintenance activities to reactive repairs can help shift from reactive to proactive maintenance. Identifying trends and patterns allows you to anticipate potential issues before they escalate, reducing emergency breakdowns and associated costs. Users can access this report through an add-on feature of FMX. 

Proactive vs. reactive maintenance report. Reactive or preventive maintenance? Number of requests. Requests %. Labor hours. Labor hours %.

Department Performance Report 

Gain a holistic view of each department’s performance, allowing you to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. You can optimize workflows and enhance operational efficiency by analyzing metrics such as work order completion times and resource utilization. 

Department performance. Average response time (days). Average resolution time (days).

This critical report helps leaders understand how a specific department is performing and dive into the performance of employees within each department to understand work performance trends and status. Leaders can access it as an FMX add-on. 

Equipment Maintenance Summary

This report identifies problem equipment to schedule planned maintenance, technician resources, or justify capital expenditures.

With the Equipment Maintenance Summary Report, see an overview of your organization’s cost to maintain equipment, pinpoint equipment that needs to be replaced, and use data to justify any capital improvements.

Maintenance equipment summary. Count of work orders by equipment type. Cost of work orders by equipment type.

This report enables maintenance teams to advocate for equipment replacements and can show previous cost/labor hours and why a replacement can be more efficient. This is a great way to show that your team is keeping up on PMs and WOs, but the equipment is old or out of warranty, which prevents them from operating efficiently.

Maintenance Completion Report

Leaders can track maintenance tasks from initiation to completion, ensuring no work orders are missed.  This report enables you to monitor compliance with maintenance schedules and swiftly address any delays, minimizing downtime and maximizing asset reliability. 

Maintenance completion by building.

Planned Maintenance Completion

Ensure that planned maintenance tasks are executed on schedule, preventing disruptions to facility operations. This report provides visibility into preventive maintenance activities, allowing you to track adherence to maintenance plans and optimize resource allocation.

PM completion by building.

Maintenance Management Assessment

Leverage FMX’s maintenance management tool to assess the effectiveness of your current processes and identify opportunities for optimization. You can drive continuous improvement and maximize ROI by benchmarking your practices against industry standards and best practices.

Preventive Maintenance Assessment

Evaluate the efficacy of your preventive maintenance program in mitigating equipment failures and prolonging asset lifespan. This assessment helps you fine-tune maintenance schedules, prioritize critical assets, and optimize maintenance intervals for optimal performance.

Leveraging FMX to maximize performance reporting 

In today’s competitive K-12 environment, harnessing data-driven insights is indispensable for achieving operational excellence. With FMX’s robust reporting capabilities, facility managers can unlock their teams’ full potential and demonstrate their impact to the entire school district. By leveraging FMX, facilities leaders can expect to highlight the value of their teams and measure their impact to ensure their work does not go unnoticed. 

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