Key takeaways you will find in this article

  • Digitization is revolutionizing building operations
  • Technology drives facility management sustainability through machine learning, IoT, and digital twins to reduce utility costs and enhance asset protection
  • Ongoing education and networking through organizations like IFMA are critical for facilities management professionals

In the latest Beyond Buildings episode, industry veteran and Global FM Chair John Carrillo shared his comprehensive insights into the trends shaping today’s facilities management landscape.

With over 45 years of experience, John’s evolution from an architect to a facilities management leader is inspiring and instructive for industry professionals.

John discussed all things facilities management with FMX’s Founder and CEO, Brian Gregory. We’ll unpack a few of the topics they covered. 

Transforming building operations through digitization 

Building operations have been evolving for quite some time and have become increasingly digitized. 85% of all operations are computer-aided. Carrillo foresees that this will surge to 100% soon. 

Enterprise building management systems that John advocates allow for real-time adjustments and more efficient building operations. 

They leverage live data, contextual information like weather patterns, and machine learning to boost preventive maintenance and prolong equipment life.

Machine learning and the Internet of Things

Carrillo advocated that machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and additional sensors are key. They reduce utility costs and significant contributors to a positive return on investment. 

During the conversation, John underlined the importance of understanding internet-based applications in practical work scenarios. Even when bringing in external experts, he stressed the importance of defining goals and enabling solutions to meet those goals. 

Future technological applications in facilities management 

Additionally, the episode discussed technological advancements, including the evolution from 2G to 6G by 2030. These developments enhance asset protection and project management capabilities more than ever.

To wrap up, Carrillo addressed the wider implications of technologies such as digital twins, modular construction, and AI and how they’re reshaping building management and sustainability. 

What else can Beyond Buildings listeners learn? 

Technological advancement and sustainability practices are not just trends but necessities in ensuring efficient and effective facility management in an increasingly complex and digitized world.

Be sure to catch the full episode with John Carrillo for more valuable insights into where the industry is headed and how to prepare for the revolution in facilities management.

Listen to the podcast here.

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