1-to-1 Asset Manager

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Technology has fast become a leading force in the classroom, allowing students to access a wealth of knowledge, increasing student engagement, and creating equitable learning environments.

As more schools supply their students with personal devices, schools need a simple, fast and effective solution to manage the distribution, assignment, and collection of these devices.

The new 1-to-1 Asset Manager is an easy-to-use tool that enables schools and other organizations to effectively manage assignment of any organization-owned device to students, staff, and other additional users or contacts within FMX.

Simply scan or type an existing barcode ID # to search for devices or users and scan again to assign equipment.

With 1-to-1 Asset Manager, schools can easily bulk deploy and assign devices to students.

Users can seamlessly submit technology tickets for broken devices and assign loaner devices all from the same screen.

At the end of the year, simply scan to bulk unassign and collect devices back from students and staff.

With FMX’s 1:1 Asset Manager, organizations can always keep a pulse on the status and assignment of organization-owned devices, saving them time, money and ensuring students and staff always have a working device.

IT professionals can even view repair reporting trends, costs, and more to see team efficiency or plan capital expenditures and device upgrades as needed.