For smooth school operations, efficient and thorough preventive maintenance is essential. But, for complete district management at the elementary, junior high, or high school level, the responsibilities pile up fast.

The extensive list of tasks, from pricing an HVAC system replacement and overseeing maintenance staff to rolling out a new 1-to-1 technology program, underscores the wide variety of persistent needs across a typical district. Even for a well-maintained school, excellent management requires an ongoing effort that takes time, money, and care.

A worker in a blue uniform uses a checklist and clipboard to perform preventive maintenance on school HVAC equipment outdoors.

Whether you’ve implemented and improved preventive maintenance practices for the past decade or are just beginning to roll out a few preventive maintenance tasks, we’re here to help you make the most of your situation.

Below, we provide some of our top resources for school preventive maintenance, including templates, checklists, and articles advised by those in the field.

An overview: preventive maintenance for schools

Preventive maintenance refers to the regular inspections, repairs, and upkeep of school facilities and equipment to identify and address issues before they escalate. 

In short, preventive maintenance helps school staff and facilities managers stay ahead of major breakdowns and emergencies. By preemptively caring for your equipment, buildings, and other assets, you can preserve their condition and protect your time and bottom line. 

And, of course, preventive maintenance helps you better support your school. After all, the essence of school maintenance extends beyond mere upkeep and safeguarding investments – it is a vital component in creating a safe school environment for students and staff alike. 

But to put preventive maintenance practices into play, you need the appropriate resources and tools to guide you.

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Resources to support your school’s initiatives

1. Preventive Maintenance Checklists to Keep Your Facility on Track

Listed here are six preventative maintenance checklists with downloadable templates that will keep your district operating efficiently and reduce unplanned downtime.

Building interior quality checklist

This preventive maintenance template ensures your building interior stays in great operating condition.


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Other checklists include:

  1. Building exterior quality checklist
  2. Plumbing preventive maintenance checklist
  3. HVAC system preventive maintenance checklist
  4. Manufacturing equipment preventive maintenance checklist
  5. Safety standards preventive maintenance checklist

2. 5 Steps to Create a Preventive Maintenance Schedule

A preventive maintenance schedule is a key component to making your maintenance team more effective. Use these 5 steps to create a preventive maintenance schedule to increase efficiency and cut costs in your district.

3. Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Relying on deferred maintenance puts your district at risk for lost productivity and increased costs, whereas preventive maintenance can put your team ahead. Discover the 7 benefits of performing preventive maintenance every facilities leader should know.

4. Your Guide to Successful Preventive Maintenance

While the term “maintenance” may spark thoughts of breakdowns, repairs, or new parts, PM should actually be performed on fully functioning equipment. Discover how implementing a preventive maintenance plan for your school can increase asset lifespans and decrease costs.

A graphic shows two figures demonstrating features on a large software window, illustrating the different components of preventive maintenance.

5. Preventive Maintenance Fundamentals

While most folks are familiar with preventive maintenance, many aren’t aware of the best practices for planning a comprehensive program. See what works for thousands of facility managers.

FMX is here to help

At FMX, we understand the diverse needs of school operations management, and our comprehensive resources are designed to support your preventive maintenance initiatives. And when it comes time to upgrade to a software solution, our user-friendly platform offers a range of features to streamline maintenance processes, ensuring your schools are well-maintained to better foster an optimal learning environment.

When you’re ready to improve your preventive maintenance processes, we’re here to help you get started.

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