Checklists are a powerful tool in tracking progress and taking accountability to get tasks done. The most effective facilities rely on detailed routines to keep operations running smoothly, and use checklists as a tool to hold technicians and staff accountable for these routines. Listed here are six preventive maintenance checklists with downloadable templates that will keep your facilities operating efficiently.

Note: To effectively utilize the following checklists, click File and then Make a copy. You’ll then be able to fill out the information in the spreadsheet and customize to your needs.

1. Building interior quality checklist

This preventive maintenance template ensures your building interior stays in great operating condition. It’s good practice to keep an eye out for the items listed below throughout day-to-day procedures in the facility, but this checklist should be given specific attention at least once a month.

Download or make a copy of interior building quality checklist in Google Sheets

2. Building exterior quality checklist

A building’s exterior is a vast and diverse terrain. This checklist includes several sublists for various tasks. Similar to the building interior quality checklist, it’s good practice to keep an eye out for the items listed here on a daily basis. However, it’s important to take a closer look and work through the checklist at least twice a year.

Download or make a copy of exterior building quality checklist in Google Sheets

3. Plumbing preventive maintenance checklist

Plumbing is a crucial part of everyday facility functions, but it is often taken for granted. If a plumbing emergency happens, things will go south very quickly. Routinely checking plumbing is an easy step to prevent the possibility of devastating damage. This preventive maintenance checklist template should be visited twice annually.

Download or make a copy of plumbing checklist in Google Sheets

Original checklist: 7 items to check during a commercial plumbing maintenance inspection

4. HVAC preventive maintenance checklist

HVAC systems are complex and expensive pieces of equipment, with an average lifespan of 10-15 years. Preventive maintenance will keep your HVAC system running smoothly for longer, saving money. This checklist template should be visited semi-annually when switching from cooling to heating (and vice versa) for proper upkeep.

Download or make a copy of HVAC checklist in Google Sheets

Learn more about performing preventive maintenance on your HVAC systems.

5. Manufacturing machinery preventive maintenance checklist

If your facility operates manufacturing machinery it’s crucial to regularly check the equipment is working properly and efficiently. Implementing a preventive maintenance schedule is a good way to track maintenance and anticipate breakdowns before they occur.

It’s important to note that each equipment item will have a unique set of preventive maintenance items that should be developed on an individual basis. However, this preventive maintenance template suggests simple daily tasks that will set a foundation for keeping your equipment in great condition.

Download or make a copy of manufacturing machinery checklist in Google Sheets

6. Safety standards preventive maintenance checklist

Safety is an important concern in every facility, whether you’re handling heavy machinery or ensuring the safety of occupants and staff. This safety standards checklist was created with every facility in mind. It should be thoroughly checked annually, but the items listed should be kept in mind throughout day-to-day operations. 

Download or make a copy of safety standards checklist in Google Sheets

Using checklists to hold your team and your facility accountable is a great way to improve operations. Keeping your facility in great condition with preventive maintenance will help you prevent problems before they occur, cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Preventive maintenance software is a great tool to help you organize checklists and maintenance requests for your technicians. In fact, you can set up these exact instruction sets within the software to ensure each step is being checked off the list when performing preventive maintenance. Relying on software to organize and analyze these lists simplifies your technician’s daily tasks and increases time working in the field.

Download more facilities management checklists and learn how preventive maintenance software can help you track these checklists and keep your facilities operating efficiently and effectively.