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If you know folks like yourself who work hard every day to make a strong impact on the facilities maintenance challenges in their organizations, our Affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn extra money.

Become An FMX Affiliate

We know that a large percentage of people who see our demo and try FMX go on to purchase our solution. We need people to help us spread the word, and we’re willing to share our revenue, not just one time, but ongoing, as long as the customer stays with the FMX solution and you remain active in our affiliate program.

Best of all, if you’re selected to become an Affiliate Partner, your earning potential is limitless.

Resources and Benefits

We make it easy for you to succeed by providing training through webinars and regular marketing discussions with our market managers and customer support personnel. They will not only help you develop the proper introductory methods but assist you in closing sales. You don’t have to be a great sales person, you only have to know people whose lives we can make better with FMX, and we’ll help you from there.

Strong and Recurring Commissions

FMX pays a percentage of monthly customer revenues to our Active Partners as long as the Affiliate Partner remains actively soliciting additional business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is a contracted independent individual, sales agency or company that markets and/or sells the company’s product(s) to prospects within a defined market and territory.

How long does it take to be approved as an Affiliate?

Acceptance decisions for the Affiliate Program are made within 30 days of receipt of the completed Affiliate Program Application. The applicant must have read and agreed to the FMX Affiliate Agreement.

What does it cost to become an Affiliate?

There is no cost to becoming an Affiliate.

How often will I get a commission payment?

Commissions are paid by the 20th of the month in the month following receipt by the company of payment from the customer. If the customer chooses the annual payment option instead of month-to-month payment, commissions will be paid on the annual amount.

What is a sale?

A sale occurs when a new customer makes their first monthly or annual payment for services.

Will I be notified of the activity of my prospects which I have introduced to FMX?

The market manager will hold regular sales teleconferences during which prospect status will be discussed. In addition, the company will endeavor to provide automated status updates through its CRM system, Salesforce.

What happens if I don’t meet the agreed upon minimum performance requirement?

Per the Affiliate Program terms, the company may choose to move the Affiliate to Alumni status, which has a different commission program.

What is an Alumni Affiliate?

Alumni Affiliates are those individuals who choose to take a less active role in assisting the FMX sales process or have been moved to Alumni status by the company for failing to meet the agreed upon performance level. Alumni are still eligible to earn commissions but for a one year time limit per customer.

What is the commission amount paid to Alumni Affiliates?

Alumni Affiliates receive commissions for sales they facilitate at the same rate as Active Affiliates but it shall be paid for one year only. There is no limit to the number of sales they choose to make and may choose to reapply for Active status at any time.

Who do I contact to have additional questions answered?

For additional information, please contact the company’s Market Managers, President, or CEO using the contact information listed on the company’s website.