How Do Sensor Alerts Work?

Learn how to monitor your facility, even when no one is in the building, with sensor alerts.

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Hi, I’m Tyler, and today I’m going to show you how to monitor your facility even when no one is in the building with sensor alerts.

Today I’m going to show you an example with a temperature sensor, but the process is very similar with water sensors, humidity sensors, and more.

With these sensors in place, we can start avoiding costly repairs, protecting your assets, and giving you peace of mind.

First, we connect the sensor to our Wi-Fi network or cellular data plan and place the sensor on or near our temperature-controlled environment.

Then we set the thresholds at which we want to trigger an alert. For example, if the freezer rises above 30 degrees Fahrenheit, we can automatically make an alert happen.

This sensor will monitor the temperature 24/7. And if that threshold is ever met, either due to a system failure or some other issue, we can see a work order generated automatically in FMX.

You can also receive a text message or phone call depending on the urgency of the situation through our partnership with a sensor provider. The process is very similar for water, humidity, or any other condition you are monitoring for.

Keep tabs on your facility and address issues right away with sensor monitoring alerts powered by FMX.