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workplace safety tips infographic

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While it’s an employer’s responsibility to create a safe workplace, it’s equally important for each team member to practice safe habits and avoid putting others at risk. Review these workplace safety tips to identify gaps in your team’s current practices.

Tips to stay safe at work

  1. Follow safety trainings
  2. Utilize safety equipment
  3. Keep your workplace clean and well-maintained
  4. Perform annual safety inspections
  5. Keep safety records
  6. Use machinery and equipment
  7. Only work when healthy

Dangers to avoid

  1. Working without proper fall protection
  2. Bypassing respiratory protection when working with toxic dust, fumes, etc.
  3. Working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  4. Improper exposure to chemical or biological hazards
  5. Accidental or unplanned machinery startup during repair or maintenance work

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