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successful school facilities management in action

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How an effective school facilities management plan improves the lives of students, staff, and communities.

Improved attendance

Schools with a maintenance backlog suffer lower attendance rates and higher annual dropout rates.

Students are more likely to attend school regularly when maintenance backlogs are minimal and the learning environment is positive.

Student success

Student attention, attendance, and testing declines in school facilities requiring more maintenance work and repairs.

When building conditions improve, student test scores can increase by as much as 3% to 17%.

Staff support

Poor maintenance can impact air quality and cleanliness, making the environment less appealing.

Schools may see less teacher turnover when they maintain clean environments. Less turnover often means cost savings and improved learning for students.

Student health

1 in 13 students suffers from asthma, which is aggravated by dust buildup, inadequate cleaning, or poor building conditions.

Higher ventilation is linked to improved focus and lower chance of respiratory illness.