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school fire safety requirements infographic

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Fire safety is essential in any environment. But, when it comes to schools, fire safety prevention practices and emergency response plans become absolutely critical.

Common fire safety requirements for schools include the following:

1. Fire alarm systems

School fire alarm systems must be fully functional, regularly tested, and maintained.

2. Fire extinguishers

Accessible fire extinguishers should be available throughout the school and maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

3. Exit and signs

Schools must have clear and unobstructed exit routes with properly illuminated exit signs leading to safety.

4. Fire drills

Safety drills should be conducted regularly so students and staff can practice emergency evacuation procedures.

5. Fire safety education

Schools must integrate fire safety education into student curriculums so they know the latest in fire safety dos and don’ts.

6. Fire prevention measures

Prevent fire hazards by handling flammable substances safely, decluttering heating equipment, servicing electrical systems, and keeping your school clean.

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