Work Order Software Made Simple!

FMX offers a seamless work order software  designed to simply and expedite routine work orders. Whether they are simple work orders involving a single task or complicated multi-step work orders requiring parts or more than one technician, the software can handle it all. All necessary aspects of work order management can be handled from this single platform – from submitting, assigning resources, assets and documents to tracking on demand maintenance requests. Work orders can be submitted using the standard form on our simple request portal conveniently located on your desktop. As with all FMX modules, work orders can be generated, reviewed and received using mobile devices. This eliminates the need to return to an office desktop to complete what is often time sensitive work while on location.  The work order software features are designed to be user friendly, efficient and very convenient.

Work Order Management Software & How It Helps Your Business

FMX utilizes simple yet flexible web-based management tools provide users of all technical skill levels the ability to easily track, modify, and manage their maintenance workflow.  Just point and click (or scroll and tap when using a mobile device), and the basic operating skills have been mastered. This feature-rich maintenance work order software module enables companies to move away from paper, telephone, and email methods to a fully integrated platform. Best yet, technicians in the field can access the work order management features using their mobile devices. The integrated camera feature also makes it possible for technicians to upload and attach images to their work orders. The mobile device and camera features give portability to all aspects of work order management. All users, from those working as maintenance requesters and dispatchers to facility managers and technicians to outside contractors, are connected by FMX’s intuitive work order process where ever they may be.

With the help of specialized user permission settings, automated alert notifications and reminders, and centralized work order tracking, your organization can become more transparent and accountable to project timelines and maintenance department goals. FMX’s comprehensive facility management work order software ensures that all maintenance requests are responded to, that all planned maintenance is completed on time, and that all resources are optimally utilized. This means less downtime resulting in continued operations and productivity.