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I’m Josh, and I’m here to give you a tour of FMX.

I’ll be covering the basics, but there is far more that FMX can offer, and I recommend scheduling a personalized demo to see all the ways it can meet your specific needs.

FMX is an all-in-one facilities management solution built to manage

  • Maintenance
  • Cleanings
  • Inspections
  • Equipment & assets
  • Inventory
  • Fleet vehicles
  • IT services
  • Event reservations
  • Landscaping
  • Pest control
  • Employee training
  • Security

And more in one platform.

FMX is modular, meaning it can be reconfigured over time as your organization grows and needs change.

FMX is also individualized, allowing users to have a personalized view of the interface, with only the relevant features visible to them.

As I cover the different areas of FMX, feel free to jump around using the chapter markers below, which will take you directly to that part of the tour.

Let’s get started!