How to Reduce Your IT Requests with QR Codes

​Today I’m going to show you how to use QR codes to help reduce the incoming IT tickets to your office.

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Hi, I’m Tyler Cantrell, a five-year technology coordinator at Paint Valley Local School District. Today I’m going to show you how to use QR codes to tie students to Chromebooks or laptops. During my time at Paint Valley, I found this little tip very useful as I had a lot of teachers coming with Chromebooks that they didn’t know who they belonged to and these QR codes helped solve that issue. So, let’s hop into FMX and figure out how we can do this.

To create a QR code in FMX is really simple, we’ll just head over to “add equipment” and create a Chromebook. Then we can come in here and put in useful information like which student this Chromebook belongs to and their student ID number. We’ll head over to “export” and choose which label size we want for our QR code and print that out.

Once we have our QR code, it’s as simple as peeling it off, sticking it on the Chromebook, and scan the QR code. It’ll take us to the equipment page for this Chromebook and then we can scroll down and see here that this Chromebook is assigned to Michael Scott and we can see his student ID number right there. You can see how this will save you time, teachers not having to reach out to you every time they find a missing Chromebook or laptop.