FMX: Customer Service is Our Top Priority

Watch our video featuring FMX’s VP of Customer Success, Brandi Templeton, to learn more about how the FMX support team makes customers their top priority.

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Hi, I’m Brandi Templeton, VP of Customer Success at FMX. Since I started working at FMX in 2015, I have helped implement, onboard, and train hundreds of new customers, most of them being school districts. And it’s because of this experience that my team and I are confident that we can help you optimize your facilities’ operations, too.

I know that you may be reticent to take on something new, but with our experience working with hundreds of school districts, we’ve developed an onboarding process and set of best practices to ensure that FMX sets you up for success, and more importantly, show you that you’ve made a good investment.

Through implementation and beyond, our dedicated FMX Customer Success team will be here to support you, every step of the way. We’re proud to say that because of the hard work that our customer success team puts in each day:

  • We’ve earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating
  • Our average customer response time is less than an hour,
  • And 99% of school districts renew with FMX every year

It’s no secret that our team works hard to make sure that your experience is second to none, and you have a commitment from me and my team to support you today, and into the future.

Through lifelong customer support and a committed staff, we will never stop working toward our goal to provide you with the tools that help you manage the metrics that matter most to you and your organization. Give us a call today so we can help you streamline your facilities operations. We look forward to working with you.