Facilities Management

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Organizations across the globe rely on facilities management to operate successfully. Working in the background, facilities management is the essential spine of any successful organization. Facilities management provides support in a variety of ways.

Facilities management allows employees to work more efficiently, increasing productivity.
Facilities management ensures buildings and equipment are inspected to meet safety standards minimizing liability and risk.
Facilities management’s efforts to minimize unnecessary operating costs help an organization’s bottom lines.
As organizations grow, expand capital assets, change locations, or adapt to changing work environments, facilities management is at the forefront of these changes.
Facilities Management promotes a positive brand image for the organization and can reduce overall energy consumption costs through green-based efforts.

Like most things relating to facilities management, the department structure varies greatly depending on the size and industry of facilities management. Organizations may split their management based on types of service or zone.

Facility management software can help support the day-to-day operations of facility management.

When selecting software for your facilities, it’s best to identify the desired capabilities for your organization such as

  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Equipment and asset maintenance
  • Inventory and supply management
  • Space management and optimization
  • Project management and capital improvement

Facilities management is an ever-growing industry, with many different topics. Stay on top of best practices by talking with an FMX expert. We can help you take the next steps on your facility management journey.