Now, more than ever before, consumers, companies, and organizations have become concerned with sustainability. As climate change concerns mount, the need to take steps to protect the planet increase as well. However, going green doesn’t only save the Earth, it can save you money. In fact, in K-12 schools, energy costs are the second largest expense at approximately $8 billion annually nationwide, second only to personnel costs. An estimated 25% of those expenses—$2 billion—can be saved each year by implementing energy saving technology.

The significance of sustainable facilities management

Olentangy Local Schools, a large K-12 district in central Ohio, implemented software to track electricity usage in 15 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 4 high schools, and 2 bus garages along with gas usage in 12 of those facilities. Combined, the district’s energy program has yielded cost avoidance on utilities like electricity and gas, reducing spending by more than $3 million since 2014.

While school districts certainly benefit from the cost saving potential of sustainable facilities management, these types of trends are seen across all industries. In addition to cost-savings up front due to energy reduction, corporations selling to consumers are finding it increasingly valuable to align their brand with sustainable practices. In fact, 65% of consumers claim they want to buy from brands that prioritize sustainable practices, and at least 26% of consumers follow through and purchase from sustainable brands.

It’s clear that the future of business is closely intertwined with sustainable practices, from manufacturing to education. To help you stay on top of these growing trends, FMX provides the software you need to implement eco friendly facilities management practices and make energy efficiency simple.

Tracking energy consumption and costs

FMX has partnered with JadeTrack, an ENERGY STAR® partner, to create a streamlined and efficient approach to improving energy efficiency, achieving financial goals, and promoting sustainability-focused practices, unlike other standalone services.

To achieve this, JadeTrack’s Utility Bill Management software collects your ongoing utility bill data including energy and non-energy sources such as water and waste. Usage data then syncs automatically with ENERGY STAR®’s Portfolio Manager®. Benchmarking allows you to understand how your facility stacks up against facilities in the same industry and of a similar footprint. This knowledge will give you a frame of reference on your facility’s overall performance with a simple 1-100 score. The higher the score, the more efficiently the building is operating.

Schools that have implemented benchmarking tactics, and have earned the ENERGY STAR label for superior energy performance, cost $0.40 per square foot less to operate than conventional schools.

Along with analyzing bill data and benchmarking your performance, you can track detailed energy consumption data with JadeTrack Real-time Monitoring to implement timely energy saving practices. With real-time alerts, your team is able to react to this data and utilize FMX to manage any maintenance projects that will fast track your way to optimal levels of energy efficiency. Using FMX and JadeTrack to track energy consumption and costs enables your facility to react to changes instantly, solving energy usage discrepancies as they occur.

Implementing sustainable facilities management techniques

FMXconnect is a software system that works in tandem with Veregy to integrate your equipment with your event and maintenance schedules. This brings new levels of automation, communication, and control to your buildings, while promoting sustainable facilities management.

The software works by isolating and accommodating specific locations in your facility throughout the day. Rooms that are only used for portions of the day can be maintained differently when in use versus not in use, allowing you to reduce utility costs.

This can be seen in a typical school building where several classrooms and spaces like the auditorium or gymnasium go unused for periods of the day or year. The energy allocated to light these spaces can be reduced with FMXconnect by only turning on lights when a room is scheduled to be in use. Similarly, a space’s heating or cooling can be turned on and off according to when that space is going to be utilized. The system can also be used to lock and unlock doors according to your facility’s hours of operation.

Real life example: During summer months, a school’s auditorium is not scheduled to be used, but classrooms and other areas of the school will be accommodating staff as they plan for the next school year. In this example, air conditioning and lighting can be isolated and turned off solely in the auditorium, but remain on in other areas. This sustainable facility management process reduces energy consumption and costs.

In facilities that use FMX’s facility scheduling software, when a space is reserved FMXconnect will automatically respond and control the space as needed. With this updated control over their facility’s utilities, FMXconnect users saw decreases in energy costs ranging from 5%-25%.

FMXconnect also syncs with your equipment. When an asset malfunctions or has specs that are out of normal operating conditions, your team will be alerted. These real-time updates allow you to act quickly to ensure your equipment isn’t overworking or broken. This results in less downtime, decreased costs, and more efficient equipment.

On average, FMXconnect customers saved $66,000 annually with these energy-saving techniques.

Why you should prioritize sustainable facilities management opportunities

Prioritizing sustainable facility management has reaped several benefits for thousands of organizations. See the pros and cons list below for implementing an energy management solution, like FMX.


  • Save money
  • Protect the Earth
  • Engage consumers with sustainable practices
  • Gain insight on facility performance with benchmarking data
  • Simplify utilities optimization
  • Centralize control for a simple, yet extensive facility management hub


  • Encounter change when adapting to new software

Working towards more sustainable practices saves your facility money, helps the Earth, and can generate positive feelings from consumers towards your brand. However, adapting to change is also a genuine concern when adopting new software, and understandably so. For many facilities, the prospect of change stands in the way of exciting technological advancements, but it doesn’t need to. As organizations adopt new technologies a natural dip in productivity occurs—this is known as a J curve. It’s normal for change to shake things up in your facility, but it’s important to note that after that dip in productivity you will see it increase steadily in the future.

FMX’s best-in-class customer support team will be there every step of the way to ensure your team fully understands the technology and that you’re set up for success from the start.


FMX has created a comprehensive system, partnering with best-in-class service providers, to create a flawless, single interface experience that makes saving energy simple. Change in any context can be intimidating, especially implementing an organization-wide technology boost, but investing in sustainability now is an investment in your facility’s future, ensuring success for years to come.

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