The Lexington School

Here’s how it happened.

The Lexington School is a preschool through 8th-grade private school in Lexington, Kentucky. Their team of around 80 teachers provides small, specialized classroom learning environments to 600 enrolled students. With a maintenance department of two, the team works with a 3rd party custodial staff to keep things running smoothly.

In May 2021, the school decided to switch from its current maintenance software, SchoolDude, and a pen and paper event scheduling process. They were facing limitations with their existing system and wanted to improve their overall efficiency with a new solution.

“Using SchoolDude creates an environment like, ‘well, this is the best we’re gonna do.’ It’s not a continuous improvement model any longer because now you may have to create workarounds and the workarounds weren’t always that effective.”


The top challenge for The Lexington School was a lack of configuration. They needed a solution that could adapt to their processes and grow with them as they evolved. For example, when scheduling events, they needed to create dedicated fields to track food and AV requirements for events, with automatic notifications to the associated IT and kitchen staff. They also needed to set varying permission levels for the types of users scheduling events, for example, the athletics director, parents, administration, etc.

Working with a pen and paper scheduling system, they also ran into issues updating event schedules and keeping everyone in the loop. When the weather would postpone outdoor events, or athletic practices changed, there was no quick way to update the event details and notify everyone involved. “We’re trying to use all of our space all the time, and so when an event pops up, we have to be able to move on the fly,” Todd explained. Managing these changes over pen and paper had greatly reduced their efficiency.


FMX has integrated the school’s maintenance, event scheduling, kitchen, custodial, and IT departments into one collaborative platform. FMX has provided the configuration available to fine-tune their day-to-day workflow. When events come in (or change), all the involved people gain the notification and details they need to get the job done.

“Our chef doesn’t have to go and find somebody to ask questions… It cuts down on the maintenance staff, as well, setting up for events because now they’re more organized. They don’t have to go find somebody and you’re not looking for missing papers any longer. It’s saving everybody at least an hour per event,” shared Todd. The kitchen can overview upcoming events, and order the supplies they need for the week, all from one central list.

FMX has also greatly increased the efficiency of working with the outsourced custodial staff. When the maintenance team notices a problem, rather than flagging down a custodian in the hallway, they can assign them to a request and the custodian receives an instant notification. “On a daily basis, it’s probably saving the maintenance guys two hours having to track down and find custodians… just by automating the custodial request,” said Todd.

FMX has provided the configuration and improvement potential Todd was looking for in a solution, “the part that I found the greatest benefit is the fact that it’s so customizable. You can customize the forums, you can customize the users and it’s a continuous improvement.”