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Curious who uses FMX? Take a look at some of our customers and their stories.

FMX has really helped us during this COVID-19 crisis. The system makes it easier for us to communicate about tickets and see the status of work being done.
Justin Hamill, Technical Support Engineer
Attain, Inc.
You guys have been fantastic during this [COVID-19] time when we are all working remotely and need a lot of things cancelled. Thanks for being so flexible. I love how available you are.
Donna Franco
The Bible Chapel
FMX has been a godsend to track the cost with COVID-19. We are pushing it to our other sites around the country.
Eric Heller, Maintenance Manager
Polyconcept North America
Our district pays a fraction of the cost other programs of the same type would charge. We also use integrations with 3rd party applications to add athletic schedule requests directly into the system. This feature eliminates the need to add schedules in multiple applications.
Joel Utsinger, Technology Coordinator
Ironton City Schools
Our Delivery and Guest Registration Custom Workflows help us to better track who is in our facility and when. Since we have people constantly coming and going from our facility every day, these have been some of our most important workflows that we use in FMX.
Cory Poppitz
Minnesota Vikings
FMX has helped us become more efficient for tracking our IT and Maintenance work orders. We can accurately determine project costs and provide our users with quick resolutions!
Daniel B., Director of Information Technology
FMX has provided a very user-friendly solution for organizing the management of all my equipment.
Colin Roegiers
The Bernard Group
Our fleet of 400 pieces of equipment is now fully manageable to determine total cost of ownership, track parts, mechanic hours and productivity and provide senior management with solid and accurate reporting to understand the health of our fleet.
Bruce Stockton
Paul Transportation, Inc.
FMX gives me capabilities I never had before. Now I can look at the equipment in each of our restaurants and verify the frequency and cost of every repair. Because the record keeping is so comprehensive, I can determine when a particular piece of equipment is no longer cost-effective and should be replaced.
Kevin Krumlauf, COO
Primary Aim
So far we have increased efficiency in completing and documenting the assigned preventative maintenance tasks available. Our machine up-time has already seen an increase, and the information being collected will be vital to provide statistics for upgrading older equipment.
JoeMax Tomlin, General Manager
Texas Healthcare Linen
It has made my job more focused. I can now find what I need to do and what I have done in one location.
Calvin Capps
Hillcrest Church
It's all under one umbrella, our staff log into the system once and can access everything. The schedule integrates with our web site calendar, staff can schedule everything from a room to a laptop cart. One calendar shows you scheduled events, transportation requests, and so much more!
Jason Harms, Supervisor for Technology & Operations
New Haven Community School
One thing I don’t have to think about as we grow is whether or not the database can support our growth. All it takes is an email to support to set up a new store. I wouldn’t want to work with anybody else.
Drew Ponder
Absolutely the best #1 customer support staff all around. So helpful and patient!
Kris Hurt
City of Westerville
Their attention to detail is outstanding and the customer support is some of the best I have encountered. I have been in the maintenance business for 40+ years and I rate this company among the best that I have worked with.
Joseph Wachter, Facilities Manager
Shippensburg Area School District
Any issue I have had has been resolved quickly by the FMX staff. Our account manager has been excellent to work with. Going from managing our facilities with Outlook calendar to FMX was a dream.
Jessica Ricker, Human Resources
Bakersfield Christian High School
It’s definitely helped with our inventory - we had no system for tracking our inventory of parts. That’s very important as far as I’m concerned because a lot of these parts are very expensive. You end up with a large quantity of expensive parts and to not have a proper inventory of them was making it much more difficult to manage.
Brady Douglass
Zwenger-Pesiri Radiology
With the FMX inventory module, we are able to save $18,000 a year in inventory costs.
Seth Morrison
Faultless Linen
The equipment and inventory modules are easy to use and allow us to find what we are looking for. We can track equipment and the costs of parts used. If I had to do it all over again I'd still choose FMX.
Brandon Chabola, Facility Director
Girard School District
Providers are able to track hours, equipment use, inventory and plan ahead for projects.
Beth Sykes, Resource Coordinator
Catlin Gabel School
All CMMS systems are going to have similar functionality - take requests, monitor equipment, schedule preventive maintenance, etc. - but FMX is by far the easiest to use and their amazing customer support sets them above the rest.
Eric Turnbow
Ultradent Products
Easy to use, simple to set up, simple to push out to end users, and a plethora of modules, all of which we are able to use.
Jerry Arreola, System Admin
Texas State Aquarium
You will not find an easier or user friendly system to use and implement purchase orders. It makes my life as a purchasing manager a lot easier and makes my purchasing agents do their jobs a lot faster and more efficiently.
Jason Davis
House of Raeford
We purchased FMX to better organize our Maintenance Dept. I had no idea the benefit I would gain in Purchasing. Your Purchase order system has really helped us keep better track of our purchases. We are all looking forward to working with you.
Mike Cook
Non-Ferrous Extrusions
Having FMX has helped the schools better manage who and when the school facilities are being used. There is no more double booking of events. All staff can see what's going on in their buildings and request spaces when needed.
Tiffany Cain, Building Use Facilitator
Hilliard City School District
Amazingly easy help desk for our IT and Maintenance departments.
Kyle Halttunen, Systems Administrator
Whitefish School District
I spend 50% less time to complete tasks because of FMX’s easy to use platform. It is great!
Zach Prinz, Facilities Operations Manager
Palm Beach Tan
We are now able to track inventory, use reports to gather analytical metrics to aid in decision making processes, and track man hours identifying workload and balance of assignments.
Damon Geist, Maintenance Manager
Supreme Foods LLC (Burger King)
K-12 Public School Departmental Supervisors typically have multiple, disparate systems for Technology, Maintenance, Grounds, Transportation, Facilities Reservations, and inventory. FMX brings all of this together in one easy-to-use portal.
Fred Harris, Director of IT
Lakeview School District
Great program to keep track of schedules, transportation, and work requests for my school district.
Tony Borton, Superintendent
Elmwood Local Schools
Great way to efficiently track and manage many aspects of a facility in one product.
Jason Basford, Tech Coordinator
East Clinton Local Schools