FMX maintenance inventory software allows your maintenance department to gain control over its maintenance parts supply chain. You will always know how many spare parts you have in stock and when your inventory hits its reordering point. This ensures you strike the difficult balance between overstocking your storage space and running out of necessary parts and supplies.

Simplify maintenance inventory control with FMX

  • Create an online MRO inventory catalog.
  • Automatically adjust inventory quantities by associating them with work orders and preventive maintenance.
  • Improve parts inventory organization and labeling.
  • Label each item with a QR barcode for easy information retrieval.
  • Gain a clear picture of your inventory count to avoid unnecessary purchases.
  • Get reminders to order more when an item is running low.

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With the FMX inventory module, we are able to save $18,000 a year in inventory costs.
Seth Morrison, Staff Engineering Manager
Faultless Linen
It's definitely helped with our inventory—we had no system for tracking our parts inventory. That's very important as far as I'm concerned because a lot of these parts are very expensive. You end up with a large quantity of expensive parts and to not have a proper inventory of them was making it much more difficult to manage.
Brady Douglass, Biomedical Engineer
Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology

FMX maintenance inventory management software capabilities

spare parts inventory tracking system

Predict how much of each inventory item you should order

FMX's inventory management software can track which items you've used in the past week, month, year, or more to indicate how much of a particular inventory item to keep in stock.

parts inventory management alerts

Receive alerts when quantities get too low

When inventory levels hit a reorder point, you will receive alerts letting you know it's time to order more so that you never run out.

spare parts inventory records

Keep accurate counts of inventory levels

FMX automatically updates inventory levels in the system based on inventory used in work orders and preventive maintenance tasks.

More capabilities with FMX's maintenance inventory software

parts inventory software
  • Store important information such as model number, manufacturer, expiration date, photos, and manuals.
  • Associate spare parts with assets and equipment.
  • Scan printable QR barcodes for easy identification and labeling.
  • View where parts and supplies are stored, current quantity, recommended minimum quantity, and unit price.
  • Associate parts inventory with work orders and preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Search for items by name, model number, manufacturer, or any other captured field.
  • Compile reports and view interactive dashboards for better audit preparation and budget planning.
  • Set up automatic notifications for your purchasing department when inventory items reach their minimum quantity.
  • Seamlessly import all of your existing data into FMX.

Better manage your maintenance parts inventory so you can cut costs and reduce shortages.

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