FMX makes it easy for renters to request use of your facilities and keeps stakeholders in the loop on what’s happening and when. FMX enables you to see which spaces in your facility have been reserved for specific dates and which ones are still available, ensuring no room or resource is double-booked.

Manage facility rentals with FMX

  • Provide your community with the ability to schedule your facilities and charge them for their time.
  • Avoid double-booking of rooms and resources.
  • Easily track cost estimates, invoices, and payments.
  • Establish an approval chain for different events.
  • Allow community members to request food, AV, staffing, resources, and more for their events.
  • Prevent last minute requests to set up rooms and facility resources.
Having FMX has helped us better manage when the school facilities are being used. There is no more double-booking of events, and all staff can see what's going on in their buildings and request spaces when needed.
Tiffany Cain, Facility Rental
Hilliard City Schools
With FMX, we have become a lot more efficient with scheduling our buildings, which has been great on a lot of different fronts. For our athletic department, it’s enabled us to better utilize our facilities. We’ve been able to get more teams practicing. We’ve been able to schedule more games, and it’s really helped tremendously. FMX is great for our district, especially for our leadership and administration to look at the district as a whole.
Lana Fairchild, Human Resources Manager
Chillicothe City Schools

FMX facility rental capabilities

event calendar

Plan events in advance

FMX allows community members to schedule events days, weeks, months, or even years in advance. You can restrict events from being scheduled on certain holidays or other dates your facility is closed.


Manage community events

Requests can follow a chain of approval you’ve established for your organization. You can also use FMX to respond to the requester to ask for additional details, discuss plans, and more.

work order management

Keep track of estimates and invoices

Create estimates, send invoices, keep track of unpaid balances, and calculate revenue for all of your community events.

More capabilities with FMX

  • Customize your organization’s scheduling request form to include required fields for seating, HVAC, catering, AV, etc. so each department will have all of the details they need.
  • Avoid double-booking rooms and resources with automatic conflict detection that alerts you if maintenance is being performed in the room you are trying to schedule.
  • Automatically estimate the cost of an event based on in and out of district users, as well as the spaces and services requested.
  • Set up automatic email notifications for relevant individuals (e.g. catering manager) when events are scheduled, modified, etc. that require their services.
  • View your daily schedule with FMX’s calendar display, so you and your staff will always know what you have going on that day.
  • Set user permissions and easily define each user’s role and what they are allowed to view and change in your system.
  • Upload photo and file attachments and share seating charts, set-up diagrams, and much more.
  • Require cost estimates and invoicing for schedule requests with FMX's reporting feature to keep track of unpaid balances.

Successfully manage, host, and charge for community events.

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