The early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the impact that sports have on our economy:

As sporting events, gyms, sports facilities, league play, and workout facilities shut down to stop the spread of the virus, it was clear a new business model was needed. Organizations had to maximize revenue while using sports complex time, space, and staff more efficiently.

Sports facility management software is proving to be a significant tool in this reshaping. The returns it is generating are unheard of and, in some cases, are even eclipsing pre-pandemic heights.

What is sports facility management software?

Sports facility management software is a system that streamlines scheduling for event gyms, playing fields, courts, and tournament spaces. It can also help manage coaches, teams, contest staff, and transportation. It even transforms empty facility areas into profit generators and creates new ROI streams.

What are the benefits of sports facility management software?

The benefits of sports facility management software are numerous, but some especially notable ones include:

Total schedule visibility

Both internal and external stakeholders can get clear visibility on a sports facility’s calendar and scheduled events.

Example of a sports facility management software calendar
Example of a sports facility management software calendar

Creation of non-recurring revenue

Memberships, league sign-ups, and registrations typically drive a sports complex’s revenue, but sports facility management software can help create a whole new world of possibilities. Renting out fields, courts, and other spaces allows your organization to make additional revenue while also allowing community members to use your facility more robustly.

Extended customer service

24/7 self-service online portals allow users to schedule events at their own time and pace.

Record keeping

Sports facilities never have to be at a loss for what was scheduled and when—or how much income a booking has generated. Sports facility management software keeps track of everything.

If your facility is looking for a game changer for the way you deliver games and ensure earnings, sports facility management software is a great bet to begin your journey.

What key features should sports facility management software possess?

There are five essentials that a good sports facility management software should contain to ensure it’s both flexible robust enough to meet your needs. Be sure to look for the following:

Facility scheduling

Facility scheduling should be intuitive. Your software should support easy scheduling of open fields, courts, and other playing areas during tournaments, leagues, and other types of gameplay. The best sports facility management software features interactive booking calendars that use color-coding to note field, court, and gear availability, as well as reservations and other registration requirements.

For K-12 schools, scheduling transportation to games and tournaments through sports facility management software is revolutionary. Integrations with products like ArbiterSports, Avigilon, BigTeams Schedule Star, Blackbaud, rSchoolToday, RS2, and Veracross can level the playing field and keep your communication efficient and calendars clean.

Learn how the Minnesota Vikings use sports facility management software to manage their 284,000 square foot facility.

Point of sale (payment system integration)

Integration with a payment system is necessary in any good sports facility management software. Users today demand the flexibility and speed that online payment delivers. This added efficiency is beneficial for your organization as rentals and other purchases instantly translate to retrievable cash flow, ROI, and trackable sales. FMX is proud to partner with Stripe and can show you how the payment integration process works.


One of the most overlooked components of sports facility management software is mobile access. Any truly good software used must be able to be accessed remotely, 24/7, from any device or location. Most teams, coaches, players, and family members are on the go. Whether they are on location at a tournament or other round-robin event, they need the assurance they can book a playing field or report an issue from wherever they are, whenever they need to.

Reporting and analytics

We’ve seen that tracking sales is imperative, but that also goes hand-in-hand with other options for reporting and analytics. Robust reporting and analytics can:

  • show trends
  • identify more rental opportunities
  • provide better financial insight
  • offer enhanced customer service to members

The more data at an organization’s command, the better their ability to translate that to financial gains.

sports facility management software can include metrics like yearly energy costs, rental revenue, and stadium/gym occupancy
Reporting features of sports facility management software

Maintenance scheduling

Sports facility management software should also contain options for work order management and preventive maintenance. Stadiums and courts need to be regularly cleaned and flipped for sporting events. The software allows you to assign these tasks to a custodial team or facility manager prior to your scheduled events. It helps improve staff productivity and simplifies the scheduling process using one centralized, connected system.

A sports facility management software with these five essentials can maximize returns and streamline operations in ways your facility never thought possible.


Using facility scheduling software to manage your sporting and athletic facilities can lead to increased gains and opportunities to better serve your communities and customers. Open batting cages, fields, and courts can become profit centers and offer new revenue possibilities.

Sports facility management software can provide a simple and easy way to oversee venue assets with online mobility, payment, and facility scheduling. And connections with maintenance management software like FMX can further streamline the facilities management process.

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