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10 Reasons Schools are Thankful for FMX


  1. A customer oriented vendor: “Our school switched from SchoolDude to FMX. I would like to commend FMX for having staff that is so customer oriented. FMX really makes my work week better.”
  2. The best Customer Support Team: “Absolutely the best #1 customer support staff all around. So helpful and patient! Love the ease of use of the software and how quick to filter and find what data you need, whether it is for scheduling, maintenance, warehouse, etc.”
  3. Software that unifies our team: “FMX hasn’t replaced the human element at International School Bangkok, but rather unified the people supporting the hundreds of programs offered on our campus and the learning spaces that house them.”
  4. Easy-to-use software: “FMX makes my job easier, teachers like its ease of use, and my maintenance and custodial staff find it easy to use as well.”
  5. Convenient tool for better communication: “When I have an issue, it is a simple task to submit a request in FMX. I can then get email updates on the progress, message the department, and view previous requests. FMX has definitely sped up response times.”
  6. A system that’s easily modified to fit our needs: “The product is modular, allowing us the choice to implement several different modules. For our district, we started with maintenance and technology modules, but then expanded to transportation, bus maintenance, and scheduling modules.”
  7. Accessible software, anytime, anywhere: “Great program to keep track of schedules, transportation, and work requests for my school district. The best part is I can approve when I am not at my desk. Under the old paper method, everything sat on my desk until I returned.”
  8. Software that modernizes processes: “FMX has met our needs exceptionally well. It has enabled us to modernize many of our processes on the operational side of our school district. FMX has centralized many loose ends of my job and become my “go to” tool for managing the district’s operations.”
  9. An efficient, yet cost effective solution: “FMX has a lot of capability for a small amount of money. The software is very easy to use and very customizable. I have not found anything yet that I haven’t been able to do. It is almost Microsoft ADFS compatible.”
  10. Flexible software that is constantly evolving: “I like how flexible the software is. The FMX team is always working to improve it as well, and it continues to become better and more flexible. The Customer Success Team is always available to help me understand and maximize the software’s flexibility.”