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Is your school’s facility management process vulnerable to safety concerns?


Is your school’s facility management process vulnerable to safety concerns? Your staff and students’ safety is at the forefront of keeping your school’s risks to a minimum. If the school buildings aren’t structurally sound or if maintenance repairs aren’t addressed, dangerous situations may arise. Check out our list to make sure you are doing everything in your power to decrease your school’s vulnerabilities and improve the safety of all staff and students.

Decrease structural hazards

Structural hazards are issues directly related to the building itself. These can include a worn roof, unsecure doors or windows, stonework that needs reinforced, or buildings that aren’t protected from high winds or flooding.

  • Regularly keeping up with preventive maintenance of your facilities can prevent serious damage to your school and harm to your students.
  • Unaddressed structural issues have the potential to affect staff and students in the entire building – compromised structures from crumbling stonework, excessive amount of rain or a tornado occurring with a worn roof.

Decrease maintenance hazards

Maintenance hazards are issues inside your facilities that warrant the facility team’s expertise. These can include unsecure bookshelves, unsafe practices in the science lab, issues with HVAC systems, blocked exits, wet floors, exposed wiring, out-of-date fire sprinklers or smoke detectors, unsecured appliances and vending machines, or any other unsafe practice that exposes occupants to dangerous situations.

  • If maintenance issues go unaddressed, they may affect a small group of people, or the entire school depending on the circumstances.
  • With a proper facilities management process in place, maintenance hazards can be significantly reduced. When a maintenance issue is identified, anyone should be able to report it so that it can be fixed immediately. This will increase safety for all staff and students in your schools.

Decrease grounds hazards

Grounds hazards relate to anything outside of the building that isn’t related to the actual building itself. These can include unsafe landscaping, poorly lit walkways, unsafe playground equipment, sidewalks or staircases that require maintenance, any hazard that is close to bus or pedestrian traffic, exposed wiring or gas lines, improper snow removal, or access to the roof of the school from a nearby structure.

  • Staff and student safety doesn’t stop with the physical building or its assets. Students need to feel safe coming to and leaving from school. Issues related to the upkeep of the property your school sits on can affect staff and student well being.
  • Up to 25% of child and adolescent injuries occur on school premises each year, so making sure you’ve done everything possible to maximize student safety is crucial.

If these issues sound like things you are already keeping at a minimum, then great job! But if you see a few items that you know are persistent problems at your school, it’s time to consider them and reduce your school’s vulnerabilities. Facilities management (FM) software, like FMX, can help users report on-premise issues when they see them to help reduce the risk of injury to students. It can even help you schedule preventive maintenance tasks days, weeks, or months in advance to further reduce vulnerabilities in your district.