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7 Reasons Property Managers are Thankful for FMX


7 reasons why Property Managers are thankful for FMX

  1. Improved workflows: “The software is an easy-to-use system for running our CBRF facilities. It has helped us coordinate and manage our planned maintenance requests with ease. The support staff at FMX has been a huge help with getting us setup and answering questions whenever they come up.”
  2. Ease of use: “If you want a simple software to set up, simple for your tenants to use, and the ability to track trends, this software is for you. I looked at several different types of software and they all did really great things, but were very difficult to use. When dealing with tenants, we need to keep things simple.”
  3. Full access anytime, anywhere: “It is a great system and very functional for facilities management. All of our information for 25 locations is at the click of a button, from cost reporting to work history to blueprints for each store. We can access this information anywhere in the world, which is a huge help for us given the nature of our business and the amount of time on the road.”
  4. The ability to customize FMX to fit our needs: “Every feature saves time posting requests, communicating status billing, and reporting. The ability to customize [FMX] to fit our property with multiple facilities, parks, and equipment was amazing. Our support person has been extremely helpful and always available and quick to respond.”
  5. Great customer service: “FMX is as easy to use as my Outlook calendar, and I am able to load both calendars side-by-side and view my month’s schedule and maintenance requests. The staff at FMX is easy to work with and helped tailor the program to fit our needs of multiple properties with multiple tenants.”
  6. An efficient, yet cost-effective solution: “The key elements that make this system great are the affordability of the program, the excellent customer support from the FMX team, the ease by which tenants can set up their account and enter work orders, and the ability to receive/respond to/resolve work orders from the field.”
  7. A great relationship: “FMX has worked hard to adapt its system to fit our industry needs. Their prompt responses to inquiries and willingness to work with us have made this a great relationship.”