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FMX Return on Investment for Property Managers


Property Management return on investment

This software is for you.
If you want a simple software to set up, simple for your tenants to use, and
the ability to track trends, this software is for you. I looked at several
dierent types of software and they all did really great things, but were really
dicult to use. When dealing with tenants, we need to keep things simple.
–Shawn Hilborn, Property Manager & Construction Manager, Gronen Properties

Increased store count by 30% without hiring more staff.
Englewood Construction has been able to save about 50% of
their time since implementing FMX. In addition, turnaround
time for the company has been reduced and they have taken
on 30% more stores without the need to hire additional staff.

The support staff has been a huge help!
The software is an easy-to-use system for running our CBRF facilities. It has
helped us coordinate and manage our planned maintenance requests with
ease. The support sta at FMX has been a huge help with getting us set up
and answering questions whenever they come up.
–Teresa Thiele, Accounts Payable, ElderSpan Management, LLC

Reduces number of trips from 4 times per week to once per week
Seattle Sun Tan has reduced the number of trips their
maintenance team makes out to service individual stores
from 4 times a week to only once a week because of FMX.
In addition, they have reduced their operational downtime
from 3 days to less than a day on emergency tickets, and
decreased their work order response times from one week
to hours due to online communication capabilities in FMX.