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Why Manufacturers Should Care About Facilities Management Software


Facilities Management (FM) software, also referred to as CMMS or CAFM, is a powerful tool that empowers facilities managers to take control of their inventory and equipment, streamline their workflows, track spending, and more. Learn just five of the many ways FMX can simplify the way you manage your manufacturing facilities.

FM Software can simplify compliance

No more rooting though binders or excel sheets to verify compliance.  Tracking all maintenance activities in your FM software will provide you with a timestamped log. This information is easily accessible so you can quickly verify with certainty when and how frequently maintenance occurred.

Say goodbye to lost documents. FM software systems that allow file attachments enables you to store compliance measures, operating manuals, warranties, and other necessary documents with the corresponding piece of equipment.

QR barcodes are scannable tags that can be attached to your equipment and link to information in your FM software. Each barcode can be scanned with a mobile device to quickly access an equipment item’s associated documents, maintenance history, and more.

Fm Software can justify capital improvements

Support proposals with accurate data. FM software that’s equipped with reporting and analytics capabilities gives deep insight into expenses, labor, and all other facility management activities. You can easily discover if a certain piece of equipment is taking up too many labor hours, and how much that is costing your organization.

“The reporting has probably been the greatest thing to ever happen, according to the corporate office. That has really improved our distribution of costs and accurately tracking our costs across the plant. It also helps us with capital projects. We can see how much money and time we’re spending on equipment and if you don’t have that data, it’s very difficult to justify capital projects.”

FM software that offers interactive graphs and customizable dashboards makes collecting data simple and shareable. Check out our FM Software Buyer’s Guide for more on what you should expect from your future FM software.

FM Software can reduce downtime

Put an end to midday interruptions. Time is money. FM software helps you stay on top of preventive maintenance (PM) so you don’t have to stop production to address emergencies. With FM software, you can schedule regular or recurring PM tasks, assign them to team members, and receive notifications when it’s time to carry out a task.

FM Software can increase labor efficiency

Stay in the loop with team activity. Stay up-to-date with your team members and follow their progress with your FM software. FM software streamlines communication by allowing facility managers to prioritize, assign, and track work orders and other maintenance tasks. It also keeps your maintenance staff accountable which means you no longer have to track them down to check on the status of work orders and PM tasks.

Know when to ask for help. Instead of feeling overworked and wishing you had more team members, prove that you’re in need by using the reporting and analytics in FM software. Tracking labor hours within your FM software gives a bird’s eye view of your team’s performance. Strengthen your proposal with statistics such as average response times, individual labor hours, types of requests addressed, and more.

FM Software can reduce inventory surplus

No more wasted inventory. Tracking inventory and spare parts with FM software ensures that you have an adequate, but not excessive, amount of supplies on hand. FM software can also be used to create scannable QR barcodes for inventory items, log inventory supplies used when resolving maintenance tasks, and more.