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Making A Lasting Impression On Your Customers: How To Maintain Clean, Aesthetically Pleasing Facilities


Making a lasting impression on your customers: how to maintain clean, aesthetically pleasing facilities

Do you manage facilities for a hotel, restaurant, gym or other organization that serves guests and patrons? Then you have another duty to add to your never-ending list: Cleanliness. Your customers have one-on-one contact with your facilities, which means they expect them to not only be sanitary, but to also give them a reason to be there. A study done by Retail News Insider found that 93% of customers who switched to a retailer’s competitor would give the original retailer a second chance if they had cleaner facilities. So, don’t wait! Make your organization the obvious choice by having clean, aesthetically pleasing facilities!

Use our checklist to make sure you are doing everything in your power to make your facilities as polished as possible. Don’t forget to take a look at your own organization’s cleaning requirements as well.

Keeping your facility clean:

Are your floors vacuumed and mopped regularly? Do you have exterior and interior floor mats to prevent dirt and water from entering your facilities? Are your walls clean and free of stains? Are your doors clean throughout the facility? Are all the windows clean, smudge-free, and free of cobwebs? Are all ceiling fans and light fixtures dusted? Have you changed any dark light bulbs? Are your facilities lit enough in general? Are the bathroom toilet bowls, seat covers, rim inside and underside disinfected? Are the bathroom floors mopped? Are the bathroom sinks and mirrors smudge-free and sanitized? Are the paper towels and toilet paper restocked frequently? Is any standing water on the sink or on the floor wiped up regularly? Are trashcans monitored and emptied as necessary throughout the facility? Do your facilities give off a pleasant aroma indicative of the space (e.g. relaxing, happy, vibrant, etc.)? Do the walls have a fresh coat of paint? Different colors evoke different feelings. Make sure you paint your walls a color indicative of your brand and what your brand conveys. Is your facility neat, tidy, and free of clutter?

Keeping your hotel rooms clean:

Are the drapes / curtains vacuumed? Is the furniture in the room put back in place and wiped down /dusted? Are the sheets stripped off the bed, washed, and replaced? Is the mattress checked for stains and if there are stains, have they been removed? Is the refrigerator restocked as necessary? Is the telephone wiped down and sanitized? Are the luggage racks and shoe racks wiped down and sanitized? Are the stationary and other hotel documents arranged and put back in the appropriate location? Is the shower cleaned and disinfected? Is the shower curtain free of stains, tears, and mold? Are the bath towels, mats, and robes removed, washed, and replaced? Is the bathroom deodorized?

Keeping your restaurant kitchen clean:

Are the prep surfaces disinfected? Are the meat slicers washed and disinfected to prevent contamination of your kitchen? Are the liquor shelves cleaned and organized? Are the ovens cleaned, including the walls, sides, and racks? Are you using drain cleaners for the floor drains? Is the ice machine cleaned? This one in particular can get pretty gross! Are the walls and ceilings washed thoroughly to remove grease buildup? Are the freezers cleaned and sanitized monthly? Are condiment caddies wiped down so they aren’t dirty or sticky? Are you brushing the grill between cooking red meat, poultry, and fish? Is the sanitizing water being changed? What about cleaning rags? Are aprons, chef coats, and cleaning rags thrown in the laundry after use? Do you run hood filters through the dishwasher? Are the sinks and faucets de-limed? Is the dry storage area wiped down? Have the pest traps been changed recently?

Keeping your athletic facilities clean:

Are you spraying and scrubbing down your shower rooms, locker interiors and exteriors, railings, benches, equipment rooms, storage areas and restrooms? Are you using a product like TurfStat Pro on all your equipment to prevent the spread of Hepatitus B and C, Bird flu, MRSA, E. Coli, HIV-1 and other infections? Are you waiting to sanitize your playing fields until they are completely dry? Are your lobby surfaces wiped down at least once a day? Is your lobby vacuumed and / or mopped at least once a day? Are you routinely checking the locker rooms for pools of standing water and then mopping them up? Are you vacuuming your weight room while being courteous of guests? Are your floors mopped in the weight room with disinfectant? If you have carpet, is it being steam-cleaned frequently to prevent the buildup of mold and odors? Is your pool’s chlorine level acceptable? Is your pool thoroughly cleaned every few months to prevent buildup and mold? Do you have disinfectant wipes or spray for your customers to use to wipe down their equipment after use? Do you enforce this behavior?