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5 Ways FMX’s Customer Success Team Knocks it Out of the Park


Our customer satisfaction rating is a homerun: At FMX our goal is to ensure our customers are well taken care of, which is why we can proudly say that our customer satisfaction rating is an astounding 99%.

We’ll be your teammate, not just another vendor: “Your customer support has been fantastic. We don’t see you as vendors, we see you guys as partners–and there’s a big difference there… The interaction and the customization, that makes a partner. And that’s what you guys are to us.” Bill Watters, Director of Operations Broadmoor Baptist Church

We are as quick as a 90-mph fast ball when it comes to answering your questions: On average, our Customer Success Team replies to customer support tickets in 2.21 hours compared to the industry average of 15.30 hours. That’s a difference of 13.09 hours, which is a lot of time when your facilities are on the line!

Curve ball: We respond even faster during business hours: That’s right! 2.21 hours factors in nights and weekends. When you look at our customer support response time during business hours, we reply within a speedy 56 minutes. When we say we’re here for all of your facilities management needs, we truly mean it!

We fully support customer driven software development: Many FMX enhancements originated as customer requests. Our customers’ feedback is very important to us, and if they recommend software enhancements that we are capable of implementing, we put them in the pipeline. Making sure you are fully equipped to manage your facilities is one of our top priorities!

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