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FMX Return on Investment for K-12 Schools


K-12 Education return on investment

Half the time spent coordinating maintenance requests Academic Nevada charter school has reduced the time spent coordinating maintenance requests by 50 percent, and because of their ability to track cost data, the decision to initiate a capital replacement plan for a rooftop was initiated.

Seamless transition

“The corrective and preventive maintenance, inventory control and scheduling of facilities were seamless in our transition and they even imported all of our information from the other vendor and kept the nomenclature the same so the transition went flawlessly.”
–Joseph Wachter Director of Facilities, Shippensburg Area School District

Saved 61% of on utilities

While most Ohio school districts spend approximately $1.41 per square foot on utilities, Wheelersburg Local Schools has been able to reduce that number down to $0.86 per square foot with FMX. That’s 61 percent less than the state average spends on utilities.

75% less time on approvals

New Albany-Plain Local Schools has reduced their approval process time by at least 75 percent since implementing FMX. In addition, the facilities management assistant’s workload has been cut in half.

Tremendous customer support

“Our experience with the FMX system has been outstanding! The customer support has been tremendous, and the system has exceeded our expectations! Our focus has been on the Work Order Management and Event Scheduling modules, and both functions are easy to use and manage. We have been very happy with our choice of FMX!”
–Tim Houlihan, Director of Planning and Facilities, Saint Francis High School

Reduced vendor response time to 1-2 days
Since their partnership with FMX, approximately 90 percent of Rocketship Education’s vendors have reduced the response time when resolving requests from 1-2 weeks to 1-2 days.

Reduced work order response time to less than a day
For Hampton Park Baptist Christian School, the results were clear. With FMX software in place, their work order response time was reduced substantially, dropping from 3-5 days to less than one day.