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Facilities Management for Property Managers


Property managers wear a lot of hats. They’re expected to be salespeople, facility managers, paralegals, accountants, and more. Facility management (FM) software, like FMX, is a powerful tool that empowers property managers to take control over their many job duties, streamline their work flows, track spending, and more.

  1. Improve tenant satisfaction and vendor management. On average, FMX customers reduce work order response time from 3-5 days to less than a day. Facilities Management (FM) software, like FMX, can help property managers improve work order response times and completion rates, by helping you streamline work order submission and assignment and improving your communication with tenants and outside vendors. You can also extend the life of your equipment and assets by scheduling preventive maintenance. Provide tenants with a central place to submit work orders. Tenants can submit requests online including via a mobile device. Keep your tenants in the loop about their work orders. you can use the response feature to let tenants know when the vendor will be coming out to make the repair or that you’re waiting on parts to arrive, etc. Improve communication with outside vendors. You can add outside vendors as users in your FMX system for no additional fee. You can share details about work orders and planned maintenance tasks, see when they close out tasks, as well as enable them to keep track of their labor hours and let you know when they are going to be on your property. Schedule regular or recurring preventive maintenance tasks: You can also set up automatic reminders when tasks are upcoming, due, or overdue. You can also create customized PM checklists, so vendors and technicians know exactly what steps to take to complete tasks, prevent access control issues, and more.
  2. Reduce operating costs, improve capital forecasting and make data-driven budget decisions: In the first 3 months of using FMX, primary aim, a large wendy’s restaurant franchise, saved $33,000 on equipment costs. FMX can help property managers to track equipment histories as well as labor and inventory costs, including those associated with outside vendors. FMX also includes built-in analytics, 2 which can help you pinpoint saving opportunities. REVIEW EQUIPMENT HISTORIES AND DETERMINE WHEN EQUIPMENT IS REACHING THE END OF ITS SERVICE LIFE You can also analyze which equipment types and models are under-performing. You can view a dashboard of your top ten equipment items that incur the most cost, receive the most work orders, and require the most labor hours. LOG WORKER HOURS AND ASSOCIATE INVENTORY WITH WORK ORDERS AND PM FMX will automatically calculate the labor and inventory costs associated with a particular building, tenant, location/resource (i.e. gazebo), and more. You can also associate labor rates with vendors, so that when they/you include their labor hours when closing out a work order or PM, FMX will automatically calculate the expected cost.
  3. Improve tenant retention and attract new tenants. “If you want a simple software to set up, simple for your tenants to use, and the ability to track trends, this software is for you. I looked at several different types of software and they all did really great things, but were very difficult to use. When dealing with tenants, we need to keep things simple.” FMX provides your tenants with a central place to request maintenance and express their concerns. By providing them with this outlet, you’ll further position yourself as a property manager that genuinely cares about the quality of your facilities and the customer service you provide. ADVERTISE THE SUCCESSES OF YOUR DIGITAL WORK ORDER PROCESS Share how it will make it easy for tenants to report maintenance issues, express their concerns, and learn when requested maintenance is scheduled to occur.
  4. Protect yourself from legal issues: FMX enables you to keep thorough records of the work orders you’ve performed for a tenant and the preventive maintenance you’ve performed on your facilities. These records can come in handy if any legal issues ever arise. DOCUMENT EACH WORK ORDER YOU’VE PERFORMED FOR A PARTICULAR TENANT With FMX, you can easily pull up a request history for a tenant. This list will include every work order they’ve submitted and every work order that has been completed on their behalf. STORE IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Keep documents such as insurance information, lease agreements, photos, and more, safe. DOCUMENT PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Document the preventive maintenance that you perform on your building, including necessary inspections, regular upkeep, and more.