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Energy Efficiency: Lower your utility costs with a CMMS and BAS


It’s no secret that facilities use a ton of energy to operate, but what if we let you in on a little secret of our own? Implementing a CMMS and BAS have the power to lower your utility and maintenance costs and improve your energy efficiency significantly. Find out how!


Right now: You’re using 85% more energy than you need to if you are still using incandescent bulbs, and by constantly running your lights for safety and security reasons, you’re wasting even more energy.

With FMX: You can set up tasks for your employees to install light sensors, switch to a Bi-Level Switching technique, change all the bulbs to LEDs, and more to ensure maximum energy conservation.

With FMX & BAS: When you schedule an event in FMX, FMX can communicate with your building automation system (BAS) about the time and date of that event. Now when that event takes place, the lights will automatically turn on and off in accordance with the event time. Your lights will no longer burn energy 24/7!

What’s a BAS? A Building Automation System (BAS) is a network of connected devices that regulates the performance of your facilities’ systems including: heating and cooling, lighting, air ventilation, security, and more. When equipment malfunctions or a building condition is outside of normal parameters, a BAS will trigger an alert. When operated correctly, a BAS leads to cost and energy savings.


Right now: In order to keep your facilities at a comfortable temperature, you’re probably running your AC at all hours of the day in the summer. But, just like you turn the temperature up in your house when you go to work, you should turn the temperature up in your facilities when everyone leaves.

With FMX: Performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system can reduce your energy costs by up to 40%! With FMX, you can schedule preventive maintenance tasks every 6 months (or whatever frequency you prefer) to ensure that your HVAC system is getting the ongoing attention it needs.

With FMX & BAS: When you use FMX with a BAS, you can take the savings even further. A BAS will automatically turn off the HVAC system when no one is using the facilities (based on the FMX calendar), which will drastically reduce your energy consumption.


Right Now: If you haven’t had many issues with your boiler in the past, it’s easy to just leave it be. However, boilers can have issues which tend to be quite expensive to fix when they occur.

With FMX: Preventive maintenance can reduce your boiler’s energy consumption by upwards of 20%. With FMX, you can schedule preventive maintenance days, weeks, and months in advance to ensure your boiler is maintained as often as necessary.

With FMX & BAS: With a BAS, any major issue that happens with your boiler will trigger an alarm that informs you of that issue. The BAS will also communicate with FMX about the issue, which will create work order tasks to resolve the problem. A BAS will be able to detect issues sooner than you can, which will prevent serious damage to your boiler.


Right now: Any leaks in your pipes, a faulty sensor in your restroom, or older toilets are making you use more water than you need to, which is costing you more money.

With FMX: You can set preventive maintenance tasks at a frequency of your choosing to check for underground leaks, cooling tower leaks, and leaks in your restrooms. If you decide to replace any old assets, you can assign these tasks to your employees and include step-by-step instructions on how to replace them.

With FMX & BAS: Time-sensitive water needs can be handled by a BAS. Want to make sure the grass is watered before students arrive to school? A BAS can turn the sprinklers on and off according to the schedule in FMX, eliminating the need for someone to turn them on manually.

Return on Investment: Integrating FMX with their building automation system has saved Broadmoor Baptist Church $5,500 a month in utilities!