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5 Differentiators That Make FMX Your Ultimate FM Solution


The problem: Many facility managers spend too much time putting out fires because they don’t have the information they need, when and where they need it. An effective facilities management (FM) system makes it easier for a facility manager to do their job. They sleep better at night, secure in the knowledge that their facilities are running smoothly. A good FM solution will also help their organization:

  • Streamline work orders
  • Gather data on the condition and repair of equipment
  • Organize and maintain planned maintenance schedules
  • Plan conflict-free events
  • Monitor energy efficiency and usage across the organization
  • Coordinate and maintain fleet vehicles

Evaluating multiple FM systems to determine which ones suit your needs will quickly lead you to the right solution.

The solution: Consider FMX. It was developed to solve the types of challenges that matter most to facility managers. It’s web-based, and takes advantage of cutting edge technology, yet remains easy to implement and use. The result is a highly effective solution that doesn’t break the bank. FMX was the solution that many organizations were seeking to streamline their workflow while saving time and money. See why FMX might be the right solution for you!

“ I found a web site that compared several different project management systems and I narrowed it down from 10 to three. We had those three come in for a demonstration, and FMX was the clear winner”

  • Simple but powerful user interface: FMX uses a simple calendar that works well as the primary user interface because it is familiar to most users. Unlike the clunky, complicated forms and menus of some systems, the calendar interface is intuitive, and so easy to navigate that even the least tech-savvy staff member can quickly master it. However, if the calendar interface isn’t your cup of tea, you can always view your data in a table format. In some systems, a request seems to enter a black hole after submission, leaving the requestor in the dark about the status of their request. In FMX, users can take advantage of the flter and search functions to cut through the clutter and locate the data that is most important to them. Some users may access the software infrequently, but the easy-to-use interface ensures that a refresher course is not required when they return to FMX. Compare the FMX interface to others. You’ll find that it is:
  • Incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Simple, straightforward, familiar
  • Ready to go, right out of the box

“ FMX has all the functionality we need. It streamlines our approval process, is simple to navigate, and users did not have to be technology experts to use it successfully.”

2. Easily configurable: When you buy a new car you can either stick with the spec model with standard features, or you can take the ‘build-your-own’ approach, adding bells and whistles to your heart’s desire. FMX is infnitely confgurable, enabling customers to ‘build-their-own’ FM system that meets their exact functional needs. As a frst step, you can make your users feel at home by branding your FMX site with your organization’s logo, time zone, and more.  When you are ready to dig a little deeper, here are just a few of the things you can confgure:

• USER ACCESS Designate each user’s role and permissions

• APPROVAL PROCESSES Set approvers for diferent buildings and request types

• CUSTOM FIELDS Create various types of fields (drop-down lists, checkboxes, etc.) to customize your request forms


“Understanding the depth of options related to user permissions, user notifications, ability to add custom fields and even filter and or sort by those fields allows us to manipulate use of the software in ways that best match our past work flow.” — Chris Barron, Facilities Manager, Faith Baptist Church
3. Agile software development: FMX CONTINUES TO PROVIDE A CUTTING EDGE SOFTWARE APPLICATION BECAUSE OF OUR AGILE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. This process enables us to quickly and regularly release software enhancements that incorporate customer feedback. We typically deploy enhancements every week—sometimes more often—with an average of 60 deployments per year. Compare that to the industry standard of one or two a year. But don’t worry, your FMX site will only change when and how you want it to, with new enhancements made available automatically if you want them. The advantages of this frequent process are that:
• We can react quickly to customer requests
• Changes are subtle, so the interface does not change dramatically which prevents confusion for the users
• The likelihood of introducing bugs into the system is minimal with small, frequent changes
“ Flexibility is key! Every organization operates their facilities slightly diferently, and FMX has been able to tailor the software to meet our specific needs.” — Dennis Keller, Facility Manager, Fairfield County, Ohio
“Suggestions that I have had to improve the product have been implemented. There are so few companies that listen to their customers!”
4. Industry expertise: It’s safe to say that you would only trust someone with medical training to perform a surgery. So, why not choose a company with experience in facilities management as your FM software vendor? THE FMX TEAM HAS LOADS OF EXPERIENCE IN DESIGNING, OPTIMIZING, AND MANAGING FACILITIES. This experience drives the design of the FMX software. It also allows the FMX team to coach and consult our customers in a way that a standard software company cannot. Our constant innovation, ongoing value of simplicity, and foundational knowledge of the industry ensures that we continue to meet our customers’ needs.
“The FMX staff is second to none! They are a very skilled, intelligent, insightful, and incredibly interested partner who gives it their all to make sure the customer succeeds.” — Bradford Cosenza, Administrator, Ross County Ohio Board of Commissioners
5. Excellent customer support: “TOP NOTCH.” That’s what our customers say about our support team and help documentation. We offer free, unlimited support via phone and email as well as our online learning center. We provide tutorial videos, help articles, industry tips, and other useful resources. Each customer is important to us and we demonstrate that every day through our dedication to providing excellent customer support.
“The support staff at FMX has been a huge help with getting us set-up and answering questions whenever they come up.” — Teresa Thiele, Accounts Payable, ElderSpan Management LLC
“The customer service, attention to detail, and willingness to problem-solve solutions is first-class.” — Michael Sawyers, Chief of Operations & Strategic Development, New Albany-Plain Local Schools