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Checklist for Church Facility Managers: Evaluate Your Church Facilities Through the Eyes of Visitors


As a facility manager, part of your mission is to help your church grow by maintaining facilities that enhance the worship experience for visitors and members alike. Visitors that have a good experience with your church facilities, staff, and services are more likely to return and become loyal members. In turn, these members will eventually support your church through volunteerism and monetary contributions. The first step in optimizing your church’s facilities is to evaluate them through the eyes of your visitors. This checklist will help you with your facility assessment.


Do you have designated guest/visitor parking? Do you have designated handicapped parking spots that are close to an entrance? Do you have parking lot attendants to help direct traffic? Is your parking lot paved? Does your parking lot accommodate the expected number of attendees? Do you have easy to find overflow parking? Do you offer shuttle service from distant overflow parking lots? Can guests visually identify their ideal entrance from their parking spot? Are the walkways from the parking lot to your facilities easy to see from the parking spots? Are the walkways from the parking lot to your facilities wheelchair/stroller accessible?

Curb appeal:

Do you have shrubs/trees/flowers around the exterior of your facilities? Is the landscaping healthy and well kept? Does your outdoor sign look inviting? Is your outdoor sign updated regularly? Does the exterior of your facilities appear to be in good condition (roof, siding, paint, windows, doors, sidewalks, etc.)?


Does your church have signage leading to the campus from at least one mile away? Do you have on-campus directional signage? Does your signage direct guests and members to various parking options (guest, handicapped, overflow, etc.)? Does your signage direct first-time visitors to specific locations? Do you have signs that direct guests to the entrances for the facilities they need (office, worship center, etc.)? Do you have a map of your facilities posted/printed? Are all rooms numbered and do they correspond with the map? Do you have a guest welcome station? Are restrooms well marked? Is your signage located at eye level and overhead? Are exits well marked?


Are your facilities free of mold, mildew, dirt, and debris? Does your church have a fresh coat of paint throughout? Are the windows clean throughout your church? Are the doors clean throughout your facilities? Are your restrooms clean and well stocked with supplies? Are the restrooms inspected regularly during peak times on campus? Are the floors vacuumed and/or mopped regularly? Are the walls and ceilings well maintained? Are the church offices, classrooms, and other spaces neat and tidy? Are your trash cans and recycling bins emptied regularly?


Do you have an inclement weather arrival canopy? Is there adequate lighting for your parking lot, entrances, and exits? Are all walkways free of low hanging limbs and branches? Are all walkways level and free of holes and cracks? Do you have carpet or mats on the inside and outside of entrances and exits to ensure safe footing? Are your doors easy to open? Are public areas free of tripping hazards (stacked chairs, tables, etc.)? Are your stairwells clear and accessible? Are parents informed about where their children are during the service? Are they given instructions for reconnecting with their children after the service? Do you have an emergency exit plan in case of fires, etc.? Is it posted for guests and members to see?

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