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How a Building Automation System Can Benefit Your Facilities


What is a building automation system (BAS)?

A Building Automation System (BAS) is a network of connected devices that regulates the performance of your facilities’ systems including: heating and cooling, lighting, air ventilation, security, and more. When equipment malfunctions or a building condition is outside of normal parameters (e.g. the temperature in a room becomes too high), a BAS will trigger an alert. When the BAS operates correctly, it leads to cost and energy savings.

Receive alerts when something is wrong with your facilities: These alerts can often warn you about an issue before it becomes a real problem. By integrating your BAS with a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), like FMX, you can receive alerts and automatically trigger corresponding work orders in your CMMS, ensuring every issue is addressed as soon as possible. Be sure to set up your BAS so that only the urgent or critical alarms are included. A good rule of thumb is that every alarm that you have should get your attention. By setting up alarms for non-critical items, you increase the chance of your critical alerts being overlooked. If you have an alarm that’s a nuisance (you dismiss it each time), you should remove this alarm from the system.

Pro tip: Set your CMMS and BAS up to be accessible from a variety of platforms (desktop, tablet, and smart phone). This way, you can access the system on the go or from home if an urgent alarm goes off.

Automatically schedule maintenance: Utility systems like HVAC, lighting, and plumbing are often the largest energy consumers in buildings. This is often due to organizations needing to constantly run these systems in order to accommodate the unpredictable work/activity schedules of their staff and occupants. Imagine how much money and energy you would save if these systems could run less often. By adding the facility scheduling powers of FMX to a BAS you can: • Automatically turn utility systems on and off according to your event and activity schedule • Decrease utility costs and improve energy efficiency • Schedule meter-based preventive maintenance tasks

Pro Tip: Limit access to the BAS to trained staff only. Untrained users can accidentally override your settings, which can cause increased energy use, damage to buildings and equipment, and potential comfort issues.

Real life example: broad moor baptist church: FMX customer, Broadmoor Baptist Church, has saved $5,500 a month in utilities after integrating FMX with their Building Automation System. This integration enabled them to turn their lighting and HVAC systems on and off automatically according to their event and activity schedule. Prior to FMX, a staff member had to turn these systems on and off manually.