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3 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Maintenance Budget


Facility maintenance is often seen as a cost, rather than a money and time-saving opportunity. With little to no wiggle room in the maintenance budget, it can be difficult to improve the efficiency of managing your facilities, but it isn’t impossible. Discover three ways to make the most of your facility maintenance budget.

  1. Track inventory:

Accurately tracking inventory and spare parts can save you from spending money on supplies you may already have on hand and avoid having an unnecessary inventory surplus.

• Implement a process to improve your inventory tracking

• Re-allocate that ‘saved’ money to other aspects of the maintenance budget

In the long run, inventory tracking can end up saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars, which you can then ask to be redirected to an increase in the maintenance budget.

2. Keep accurate maintenance records:

Keeping accurate records of maintenance activities can provide valuable insight into your operations and help you allocate your budget where you need it the most.

• Track how your maintenance sta is spending their time

• Keep a close eye on time spent on cosmetic facility improvements rather than preventive maintenance and critical repairs

Maintenance activity records allow you to gather powerful data about your operations. This enables you to target inefficient processes that are a waste of money, and identify work orders that are most prevalent and costly for your organization.

3. Prioritize preventive maintenance:

Often times, when a maintenance budget is very small or cut signicantly, preventive maintenance is one of the rst things on the chopping block. Reactive maintenance becomes the dominant practice, but an “if it ain’t broke, don’t x it,” mentality can end up costing more in the long run.

• Establish a preventive maintenance program

• Commit to performing this scheduled preventive maintenance

• Assign each preventive maintenance task with step-by-step instructions for your technicians, and issue reminder notifications to your staff or vendors to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Preventive maintenance can save 33% to 50% of maintenance expenditures as well as reduce equipment downtime by 40-60% (in the first two years). Additionally, utility costs are reduced due to equipment operating more efficiently.

Even if you already practiced the three strategies above, sometimes they still aren’t enough. You may just need a bigger budget. Make your case for a larger budget to upper management, and be specific with your goals. You should be prepared to back up your case with data and statistics that support your argument for a larger budget. If you’re still denied, keep your chin up. Budgets evolve over time, and if you’re persistent you may succeed with increasing your maintenance budget in the future.