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10 Reasons Customers are Thankful for FMX


Don’t just take our word for it, check out this eGuide to learn about the top ten reasons why our customers love FMX.

  1. Improved work order completion rates: “We have seen a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of tracking and completing maintenance requests along with the ability to document the time of completion and keep historical cost data for each maintenance request.”
  2. The ability to track costs: “The reporting has probably been the greatest thing to ever happen, according to the corporate office. That has really improved our distribution of costs and accurately tracking our costs across the plant. It also helps us with capital projects. We can see how much money and time we’re spending on equipment and if you don’t have that data, it’s very difficult to justify capital projects.”
  3. Ease of use: “I looked at about 10 different work order systems and they all would preach that they would be easy but I would get lost 10 minutes into the demo. When I had my FMX demo, I understood it within 5 minutes and knew this is exactly what I needed.”
  4. An efficient yet cost-effective solution: “FMX is cost effective. As a church, our operating budget comes from money provided by our congregation, so it is of the utmost importance that we use those funds responsibly. FMX lets us maximize the efficiency of those dollars.”
  5. It’s a partnership, not just a sales pitch: “Your customer support has been fantastic. We don’t see you as vendors, we see you guys as partners–and there’s a big difference there… The interaction and the customization, that makes a partner. And that’s what you guys are to us.”
  6. Better communication: “The beauty of the FMX system is that it improves communication between the users and the facilities department by providing automatic email updates back to the user for each step of the process until the maintenance item is resolved. This improves relations with all of the county employees because they are kept informed of the progress or the delays in getting a piece of broken equipment repaired and they are more understanding when something takes a little longer to get resolved.”
  7. Inventory tracking: “It’s definitely helped with our inventory, we had no system TRACKING for tracking our inventory of parts. That’s very important as far I’m concerned because a lot of these parts are very expensive. You end up with a large quantity of expensive parts and to not have a proper inventory of them was making it much more difficult to manage.”
  8. The ability to monitor all of our locations: “FMX is an amazing way to bring all our locations together. It’s so easy to use and provides a lot of options to customize our site. I can’t imagine growing my business without FMX as a partner.”
  9. Less paperwork: “FMX is just amazing. It’s making my life so much easier because I don’t have to contend with all that paperwork anymore. Instead of a separate calendar for every school, I now have a central calendar that tells me who is using what building, documents the equipment they may need, and monitors the quality of the services (maintenance, food, etc.) we are providing.”
  10. The ability to focus on our mission, not on our facilities: “Our entire focus at Academica Nevada is to make sure the educator’s time is spent educating the students. With FMX now they no longer have to spend their time worrying about their facilities and can focus on education. We’ve had a very positive response from our staff. They love the system.”

And that’s not even the half of it… From work order management to inventory management, event scheduling and beyond, there are many reasons to love Facilities Management eXpress. Talk with an FMX-pert today to discover just how helpful our software can be.