What a year! 2021 was one for the books, so we thought we would rewind and take a look at some of our most notable feature enhancements to help you find more efficiency and streamline processes.  

January-February-March 2021 FMX updates

Invoicing – Invoicing was a feature FMX focused on during 2021’s first quarter. The new invoicing feature allowed users to estimate by occurrence multiplied by the number of occurrences; invoice by an individual or multiple occurrences or requests; track invoice history outside of the schedule request feature; waive payments, and void payments.

Schedule Requests –  A warning message was added for when there is a liability insurance expiration date set, and a user type does not have permission to schedule beyond the liability insurance expiration date. The warning message is triggered when the user creates an event that starts before the liability insurance expiration date but extends beyond that date.

Purchase Orders – Users were granted permission to specify their own purchase order number in a text field that overrides the FMX-generated PO number. 

Equipment & Resources – Users can now allow or disallow parent-child relationships for equipment and resources.

Work requests & Planned maintenance – The daily work reminder banner was updated for work requests and planned maintenance. Now, banners have a  “start work” button that links users to the ‘start labor tracking’ screen.

Work Request Export – A “pending approval” column was added to the XLSX export file for work requests showing all user types required to immediately approve the request. Multiple user types will appear if they are listed on the same approval line.

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April-May-June 2021 FMX updates

Transferring inventory between locations – At the beginning of the second quarter 2021, FMX tackled an inventory issue. When organizations store inventory in a central warehouse, they often move it between multiple locations. This can cause difficulty tracking inventory. Our development team made it easier to transfer inventory between locations by enabling a user to transfer a quantity of inventory from one inventory item to a second “identical” inventory item if they share the same SKU number. 

User Management Enhancements – Historically, only the creation date for FMX Users was available. We added new tracking fields and enabled them for Users and User Types. Fields now denote creation and last edit timestamp as well as who created and edited the User or User Type. This addition can help manage the count of licensed users so you know how many users you have at all times.

Update User Information in Bulk – We gave customers the ability to bulk update user & contact information from the User & Contacts grid on their site without the help of FMX support. This update allowed customers to add multiple users on their own, with ease and speed. 

Send Arbiter Sports Scheduling Information to FMX – While the connection between FMX and Arbiter Sports previously existed for scheduling information, a new, more reliable API is available to serve both scheduling and transportation needs.

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July-August-September 2021 FMX updates

New Features in July, August, & September 2021

Alternative Recurring Request – First up for the third quarter was a welcomed improvement to how you can control incoming schedule requests. In addition to allowing requesters to create a recurring event daily, weekly, monthly, etc., they now have an option to limit repeating events to a manual selection. This is great for events that take place on different days or to keep from one requester taking up too many time slots. 

Updated Inventory Pricing – FMX made big changes to purchase orders. The biggest change here was the ability to automatically update inventory prices based on how much you are actually paying for those items. Either during purchase or receipt, when you make changes to an inventory price, an option can be enabled to automatically update that item’s cost in FMX. This is a huge time saver and ensures inventory cost data stays accurate and up-to-date. 

Adding Followers – Placing a purchase order now has the option to add a follower to the request. This ensures that if someone is waiting on this item they receive a notification once it arrives. 

Received & Unreceived Subtotals- Purchase Orders also received an update to the grid view, allowing you to quickly see subtotals for both received and unreceived orders. Outstanding costs can be seen without clicking into each order separately.

Bulk Actions – Cap Increase (from 100 to 1,000) – Lastly, bulk actions for requests and planned maintenance were also extended from 100 to 1,000 allowing you to quickly approve, assign, resolve, or delete just about as many requests as you need to at a time. 

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October-November-December 2021 FMX updates

New Features in October, November, & December 2021

Inventory Date Notifications – Fourth-quarter saw FMX updating inventory date notifications. With the update, you can track restocking, replacement, or expiration dates for any of your inventory items and receive a notification when the date occurs. Customers now know exactly when an item is no longer effective or needs to be swapped out.

Purchase Order Creation Notifications – Now FMX allows setup notifications anytime someone places a purchase order, even if the person being notified wasn’t assigned the order. Customers can stay informed of incoming orders and take any necessary follow-up action.

Purchase Order Mentions – In addition to adding followers during creation, followers can be added to an order through a mention (@). Users can be brought into a conversation thread and stay up to date on new details.

Interactive Mapping – Interactive Mapping has been reconfigured to now organize by building. Customers can add floorplans, satellite views, and other visuals to any building, and add any associated equipment items as pins on the map.

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The future is now

Perspective is the hardest thing to keep when faced with a year like 2021. Just know that FMX always has our customer’s back. Innovations will continue no matter what all of us are dished out or how the upcoming year is delivered. Check out all our latest updates on our product update and announcements page. FMX can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2022.