Answer by Jamie Grube, Deputy Superintendent at Groveport Madison Schools

This is a great question and I wish I could give a better answer than what I'm thinking right now. In short, the answer would be "yes" for the short term on state-level mandates. I believe that this was largely necessary because we were living in a triage mode. As we move forward, I'm not sure how much local control we may have gained and which regulations will be softened or waived but we have been given the discretion to work within the framework permitted by the Governor and Health Department. The Governor all but said that we should take action and seek forgiveness rather than permission in a recent news conference. I hope as we move forward, we are permitted to use more local input in our decision-making process to best meet the needs of our unique communities.

As I reflect back, it was difficult to make the drastic changes in how we operate in such a short window of time. I guess I didn't really realize how much that was because we were so busy working through the issues. We met and formed teams to work on the different pieces and the staff really pulled together to get the work done quickly. We were also fortunate that we had already made significant progress in our 1 to 1 initiative and the use of blended and online learning.

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